California Republicans dwindling, independents rising

February 23, 2016

Republican-vs.-Democratic-jpgRepublican Party membership is on the decline in California, while an increasing number of voters are registering “no party preference.” Democratic Party membership in California has flat lined recently, according to a report issued Monday by Secretary of State Alex Padilla. [LA Times]

Democrats represent 43 percent of register voters in the state, while Republicans now represent less than 28 percent. The now-15 percentage point spread between Democrats and Republicans has grown by three points over the last four years.

No Republican candidate has been elected to statewide office since 2006.

Decline to state registrants now comprise 24 percent of California’s registered voters. The total of independents increased from 16 percent in 2004, 20 percent in 2008 and 21 percent in 2012.

“New, young registrants are heavily independent and to a lesser extent Democratic, while elderly people are much more likely to be Republican, said Eric McGhee, an elections researcher for the Public Policy Institute of California. “Since people tend to stick with their party registration even if their politics change, this means we should expect these registration trends to continue.”

In San Luis Obispo County, overall voter registration is down one percent from last year. Even so, the percentage of registered Republicans and Democrats remains almost unchanged.

Currently, 39.3 percent of SLO County voters are registered Republican, 33 percent are registered Democratic and 21.3 percent are registered decline to state.

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First of all – the primaries are now open thanks to our lovely Santa Maria strawberry farmer turned politician. Great Job Able. Using the point spread means nothing whatsoever… great journalist brew haha CCN. The point spread means nothing.

There is not a reason to enroll in the republican or democrat parties. Both parties suck and need to be completely revamped. Why are we not one of the first primaries anyway…June is stupid. We are the jackpot for the primary, let’s get a March date.

This statistic does not surprise me in the least. My guess is that the democrats are also down, maybe not as much. Independents will be a significant part of our state and country’s landscape for some time. At least…or …Until a political figure shows up that is just like manna from Heaven. Not gonna to happen in my lifetime.

As I have matured, watched and learned, I would not trust either Party. One is evil and one is stupid! I am Indie also and vote for what I hope will be the least of the evil. I voted for Obama the first term and now hope he moves to Cuba where he belongs. Taking the family on Spring Break is disgusting to the hard work taxpayers aside from being the biggest liar!

But watch his drive!

If you vote for these least of two evils, you are still voting for evil.

It’s difficult to accept that my choice is going to be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. A low class carny show or grandma, the serial liar.

I’m wondering how many people are so tired of the status quo that they’d rather have the carny show than the liar.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

We true Christians also lament upon the fact that many Yahweh fearing Republicans are not running for state and local offices with our traditional Christian values, that at times, puts us in jail if we’re caught, because anti-christian DEMONcrats own California. When our Bronze Age God named Yahweh is taken out of politics, it signifies the end is near!

I am sure my fellow true Christians will agree that when Jesus returns, 2016 years and counting, that California will be first on His list to be destroyed. The return of our ever loving and forgiving Savior will be a bloodbath when He brings an army of 200 million angels that will torture the DEMONcrats for months with fire, plagues, beasts, etc. In the aftermath of this killing spree by our Jesus, we true Christian Republicans will rejoice over the dead unbelievers and have a party by exchanging gifts because of their demise. (Revelation, chapter nine)

What’s next to be done by the DEMONcrats in California, closing down our Creation Museum in Santee, California because these fools don’t accept our Christian doctrine that man is only 6-8 thousand years old as the bible states with specificity, and where man walked with dinosaurs, just to mention a few of many biblical axioms?

Republican Christians, we must make a stand for Jesus in California! “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)



Your comment is showing everyone that you’re just another Atheist that dislikes Christianity and what it really stands for, don’t worry, the hottest place in Hell is reserved for all non-believers like you!

Your Yahweh fearing Republicans are not running for local and state offices because they see how your Yahweh fearing Republican Presidential candidate, Cruz, is doing.

Not good, thank god!

first i was a dem, then i lost my baby fat and became a rep. i can’t stand either party now so i’m an indie.

No wonder this state is in chaos.

Here is one big reason for the chaos…. “No Republican candidate has been elected to statewide office since 2006”

Here is one big reason for the chaos…. “No Republican candidate has been elected to statewide office since 2006”


Absurd. We just finished up with a two term Republican Governor, the Governator. For those who don’t remember, Gray Davis was recalled because CA was 10b in debt under him and he tried to up the vehicle registration fees to close the gap. Arnold was voted in. Arnold didn’t even have a legitimate college education. He got one of those fake correspondence school degrees back in 1980.

When Arnold finished up his second term CA was 50b in debt. That’s how good going Republican fared, negative 40 billion dollars.

So much for Republicans saving the day.

…to be fair, like at our national level, it is the congressional body that holds the purse strings. True, Arnold *wanted* to do X, Y and Z and failed miserably at all of them, but he *did* try. He just hit the wall known as corrupt public employee unions and a democrat-led state legislature.

I’ll guarantee you, had we had a democrat we’d have been more than 50b in debt. In fact, checking out California’s Debt Clock we can see we’re well over 400b in debt. 10b and 50b seem pretty small now, huh?

“CA was 10b in debt” due to a state legislator controlled by the democrats, because who has control of the taxpayers wallets…. the democrats. The governor has limited or little control over the budget.

In parallel, San Luis Obispo itself is experiencing its own transformation from a once stable community to one of chaos, as long as Adam Hill continues to reign as a district supervisor. Our beloved little city is headed to be crowded and noisy, with increased crime, guaranteed.

KSBY starts every evening showcasing crime in Santa Maria. Could this be a precurser of news to spotlight daily gang related activity coming to SLO? Just as the long fire engine came into play in preparation for the tall buildings that lie ahead, so might their violent news stories be as telling.

District 3, please pay attention and vote Adam Hill out.

Dan Carpenter became an official candidate on February 23 for 3rd District Supervisor. Vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor on June 7.

District 3 doesn’t matter anymore. Districts 1, 4, & 5 will be Republican strongholds come June so Hill will be impotent.

The GOP Establishment left me a long time ago…

You saying they ain’t the party of Lincoln and the abolitionists anymore? Wa-wa-what?


Always vote for the one that you would trust with your check book, because you are. Then there are those who just don’t care, their money will be spent for them too.

Yeah, a few will say this, but never actually act on it. Whenever the 2016 presidential fiasco being called a primary comes up, I always ask people this. “Who do you actually trust to do the right thing, even if it hurts?” – usually, I get no name (occasionally Ben Carson), but most people actually do not trust any of them.

I would agree that Carson has the best “decency” of the lot, followed by Sanders (though, I could never bring myself to commit societal suicide by voting in socialism). Still, of all of them, Carson and Sanders would be the only two I think I would enjoy an evening meal with.