Human remains found in rural Arroyo Grande

February 23, 2016

sheriff badgeA man found a skull and bones while walking around his property in rural Arroyo Grande. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office says the skull and bones are the remains of a young Native American, but investigators have yet to determine when the person died. [KEYT]

Simo Nylander said he had been walking past the location for a month, and on Monday, he decided to take a closer look. Nylander said he was shocked to find a human face, eyes and teeth.

The sheriff’s office responded to the scene, and the coroner’s unit conducted an investigation. The coroner’s office sent photos to a forensic anthropologist who confirmed the bones came from a young Native American person.

Sheriff’s officials say the bones appeared old and weathered. The anthropologist said the Native American person died some years ago.

The anthropologist is expected to soon determine approximately how old the bones are.

Sheriff’s officials said it is not rare to find Native American remains in the county, and that authorities hear from ranchers and farmers who discover them from time to time.

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Some of Junipero’s handy-work no doubt.

When I first saw the headlines, I thought Kristin Smart.

I still have a fantasy that they find her body with some evidence on it and arrest that guy Flores.

A skull, bones which appeared old and weathered, teeth…and eyes?

My hope would be a decent burial that will bring closure to a family and or show of respect to the life of an unknown.

How are you going to find a family? What is a decent burial? His tradition may think your tradition is totally wrong. They should bury him right where he fell.

Some years ago does not conclude anything although a decent burial will be up to the current family / representatives. Just a little troubling that someone may have wandered off to die and the untold story that lead to this abrupt ending. I have an unmarked grave on my property that will never be disturbed. At least someone made an effort to protect the resting site, very decent burial.