Hiker airlifted from Montana de Oro

February 29, 2016


A California Highway Patrol helicopter airlifted an injured hiker from Montana De Oro State Park Sunday morning.

The hiker was injured on the Valencia Peak Trail around 10:30 a.m., according to Cal Fire. Fire trucks and other emergency personnel responded to the scene.

KSBY reports the injured hiker was a woman and she possibly suffered a broken ankle. She was airlifted to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

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The first time I ever did mushrooms was at Montana De Oro. Great times!!

We should put a hospital on the shore of Morro Bay then we could find a use for Parkinson’s Navy.

$$$. And she was probably too young to know that she should decline the Medevac. I’ve seen a huge increase in those copters. They’re probably making a killing. (No pun)

Evac was done by CHP H70. No charge to the patient. All on the tax payer.

There are two helo’s serving SLO county, CHP H70 and the private Calstar.

We taxpayers pay the tab for H70 yet many people are unaware of the costs to utilize Calstar. These costs could be as much as $18,000 a flight…

Good grief. Why would someone with a broken ankle be air-lifted from Valencia Peak? Valencia isn’t that steep or narrow. Just send four up the trail with a lightweight litter. Done deal…

But we don’t get to play with our fancy expensive helicopter that the taxpayers pay for then….

Exactly. That copter and crew’s job could have been done by 4 individuals with a litter or one person with a basic off-road motorcycle and a special “Bob trailer” to carry the injured.