Hill promotes wife during homeless debate

February 1, 2016
Dee Torres-Hill speaking on behalf of CAPSLO.

Dee Torres-Hill speaking on behalf of CAPSLO.

As community leaders decide how to best handle the recently displaced homeless population in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill is promoting his wife’s homeless nonprofit while denigrating other competing homeless services providers.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to address the Grover Beach situation at the Tuesday board meeting, deciding whether to provide additional funding to provide shelter and warming centers for homeless this winter.

Janna Nichols, executive director of the Five Cities Homeless Coalition, appeared last Thursday on KVEC radio to speak with host Dave Congalton about long term solutions for the homeless in South County.

Meanwhile, Hill’s wife, Dee Torres-Hill, has recently stepped into the Grover Beach effort with nonprofit, SLO Housing Connection. Torres-Hill has been giving vouchers to homeless people for short term shelter.

Several local housing activists, who declined to be named for this story, expressed concern that Supervisor Hill faces a conflict of interest if he champions county funding for his wife’s program.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

Hill also fired off a mass email last week, taking a swipe at Nichols for her appearance on the Congalton broadcast. Hill sent the email to former county supervisor Jim Patterson, thanking him for donating to the Torres-Hill nonprofit:

“Good work, Jim. Dee is busting her butt to help these people who are disabled, ill, and have ben [sic] living in terrible squalor,” Hill’s email says.
 “I hope more of you will help, including some hands-on help, and some discussions about what’s next.
 This coming Tuesday there will be a discussion of the crisis before the BOS and I hope to hear from some of the service providers so we can know what’s being done, what should be done, what can be done, and what resources are still needed. 
I sure hope the Five Cities Homeless Coalition will do more than appear on a toxic AM radio show. Really. We need do-ers!”

If the county declares a shelter crisis, funds for homeless nonprofits working with the homeless could be made available. Five local organizations operate warming centers and shelters, 5 Cities Homeless Coalition, CAPSLO, Paso Cares, Atascadero First Assembly Church and Atascadero Bible Church.

It is uncertain what Torres-Hill can bring to the Grover Beach situation. Torres-Hill, formerly with CAPSLO, started the SLO Housing Connection, a nonprofit that provides homeless services that appear to duplicate many CAPSLO services, including case management, shelter and employment services.

In the spring of 2015, the entire SLO Housing Connection Board quit, allegedly because Torres-Hill refused to take direction and was not following the non-profit’s mission statement, a former board member who has asked to remain unnamed said.

Nevertheless, Torres-Hill has continued seeking funding and donations for her nonprofit. It is suspected she will attend the board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday seeking a piece of the homeless nonprofit funding pie.

Asked to comment on Hill’s email, Congalton said “The record of the Five Cities Homeless Coalition speaks for itself. Sadly, so does the record of Supervisor Hill.”


Narcissism Central.


District 3 needs a long overdue enema. It appears that local voters are getting ready to ready to administer one.


Arroyo Grande tossed Tony Ferrara, sent Steve Adams packing, and canned Carmel.

District 3 take note, now is the time to axe Adam Hill, dumping Dee is a bonus.


We may have removed Carmel but not his firm, our new attorney is from Carmel’s firm, I’m still trying to figure that one out, why not dump his entire firm?


Harmon was already on team Guthrie and KB. There weren’t three votes.


and the hits keep coming. Never a dull moment with this modern day Bonnie and Clyde.


Hill has to plan for the future when he’s out of a job and needs to promote his wife for future compensation. After he’s fired from the BOS he will probably be booted by the developers who currently seek his assistance (w/o any pay of course). He hasn’t reported any income from developers eventhough he’s required to by state disclosure regulations but when did he ever care about doing that.

Please vote for anyone but Hill….ABH is the word.

just the facts

Vote for Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor. Dan is a man of character and character matters!


Time for Dee and Adam to start focusing on rallying Gary Grossman and other land developers to construct affordable housing tracts. Dee’s just lining her own pockets with this current scheme. Her talents can be better applied elsewhere.


And we all thought she was stealing the gift cards, bikes and other donations for herself.

Maybe she was saving them to promote her own organization and she has been handing the leftover stuff out to the South County Homeless. If she was sincere, she would be working with the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition to work on solving this problem. She, like Adam, can not work with others because they are self serving and can’t work honestly with others. To greedy, dishonest, and self serving!

Mr. Holly

Are these 2 ever going to give us a break? I would really like to have Dee Torres Hill open her books and show us the goings on of her “non-profit.” I think it would really be interesting to see what her operational costs are for herself and I think her daughter is also involved. Very often these “non-profits” are very profitable to their organizers. But who then would ever think that these 2 would ever do anything unscrupulous with the records they have?


Lets just hope that after the next election any issues about a conflict of interest for Mr. Hill will be resolved, by his defeat at the polls.

Cathy S.

Isn’t it the law that if there is a conflict of interest that the elected official cannot vote? I don’t know why this is an issue, can’t the state step in and enforce the law?


Adumb is above the law, besides happy wife happy life.

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