Los Osos CSD to hire interim general manager

February 29, 2016
Peter Kampa

Peter Kampa

The Los Osos Community Services District board is set to hire an interim general manager at its meeting on Thursday. As with the district’s previous general manager, the candidate was recently fired from an administrative position.

On Feb. 11, Los Osos board members voted in closed session to hire Peter Kampa, the president and founder of Kampa Community Solutions, a company that provides services for special districts. Kampa began working for the district last week, though the board has yet to formally hire him. The board is expected to approve Kampa’s contract in open session on Thursday.

The contract states Kampa will receive a salary of $8,083 a month, or $97,000 a year. Either side can terminate the contract at any time.

Kampa previously worked as the general manager of the Tuolumne Utilities District in Tuolumne County. The district board fired Kampa in October 2013, according to a report in Sonora newspaper the Union Democrat. The Tuolumne board hired Kampa in 2006.

In January, former Los Osos CSD general manager Kathy Kivley retired following an investigation into her alleged misappropriation of district funds. The board hired Kively in 2013 after she falsely stated on her job application that she had never been terminated. Kively was previously fired from the positions of Atwater city manager and Clearlake city administrator, according to media reports.


It appears that once again, Los Osos is about to embark on a journey who’s sole purpose is to reinforce failure. And around, and around they go.


Congratulations Seitz, another cash cow in the making. Another “terminated Immediately” from their former position GM. Gee, wonder how long this one will last and how much you get to make off this termination proceeding? You are a piece of work, but much like your partner in crime Wallace, its not your fault cause your just doin what they told you to do, aint that right councilor?


All these ‘closed sessions’ give me the heebie jeebies!

Let’s just disband the whole thing and go back to the County. This new guy is probably kissing the ground here in LO that he got this job!


“closed session” is government speak for tax/rate payer get ready to get screwed.


The only reason for the CSD was to fight the County/State on the sewer. Past history at this point. Let the County run it. The only reason for small districts is for big waste.


What’s the definition of insanity?

Yeah, thought so.


Let’s not do it again….please vet Kampa fully before offering him the job.


….And the hits just keep on comin’


Oh goodie! Here we go again, lets just vote to disband the CSD and quit giving all these losers big paychecks.


Those receiving the big checks are not the losers. We are.


Because Government administrators are equivalent to parasites. They latch on to a host and after they bleed it dry by sucking their resources, they move on to another host, which in their case is another government agency.


meant to be a reply to Jose (below)

Jorge Estrada

Why is it that having been fired by a previous employer is now a credential?