Lucia Mar to redraw its inner boundaries

February 4, 2016
Lucia Mar boundaries

Lucia Mar boundaries

The Lucia Mar school board voted Tuesday in favor of redrawing the district’s internal boundaries based on population. [Tribune]

Lucia Mar has seven trustees on its school board. The trustees represent four areas, each having one to three representatives.

Area 1, which includes Nipomo and Osoo Flaco, has one trustee. Area 2, which includes Arroyo Grande, Branch and Huasna, has three trustees. One trustee represents Oceano, which is in Area 3, and two trustees represent Area 4, which includes Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and Shell Beach.

The boundaries were set when the district was formed in 1966. Recent growth in Nipomo has caused Area 1 to have more residents than other areas.

Area 1’s lone trustee currently represents nearly 19,000 of the district’s nearly 75,000 residents.

A parent advocacy group, which raised the issue, recently pushed for the district to redraw its inner boundaries. The school board responded by forming a committee, which on Tuesday, also recommended redrawing the boundaries.

District officials will hold a study session Monday with a cartographer to consider new possibilities for the Lucia Mar map.

Changes to the district’s internal boundaries must gain approval from the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education.

Three trustee seats are up for election in November. Lucia Mar voters can vote on all trustee seats, not just the ones in their area. The district has not announced plans to change the voting format.

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Maybe Georgie O’CONNOR will finally step down.


I suppose it’s for representation, but most parents I know do not feel they are represented AT ALL with their school board. This is in SLCUSD, but I doubt it’s much different from LMUSD.

When was the last time the school board listened to parents over dangling carrots (money from the Fed/State)? I mean, they RACED to implement common core, so that’s a big tell.

You mean the common core Bush administration program (“current high-school exit expectations fall well short of employer and college demands”) implemented under the Obama administration? Also, remember that ‘Fast and Furious” was both developed and implemented under the Bush administration which ran it through its conclusion a year before Obama took office. The Obama administration handled the resulting INDICTMENTS upon which it was found that the program was poorly run and most of the guns had been lost.

Lol? Sheesh. You ever come back and read your own comments and the context in which they are given? Just curious.