Armed suspects rob Paso Robles gas station

March 20, 2016

Spirit gas stationPaso Robles police are searching for two suspects who robbed the Spirit gas station at the corner of 17th and Spring streets in Paso Robles Friday night.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., surveillance video caught the two suspects, one armed with a shotgun and the other carrying a backpack, walking towards the entrance of the store. Once inside the store, the robbers found the cashier in the backroom and led her at gunpoint to the cash register.

After less than a minute, the suspects fled the store with between $500 to $600 in cash.

Both suspects were wearing bulky clothing, ski masks and gloves during the robbery.

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Incredibly short-sighted and stupid how this station had this much cash on hand.

Standard/Chevron has a policy where all cash over $50 automatically goes into the slot of a locked floor safe that their employees don’t have access to.

Having this much cash on hand is a clear sign of incompetence and mismanagement.

Nice, blame the victim. All your suggestion would do is limit the take, the robbery (and terrorizing of the clerk) would have happened anyway.

Thankfully the cashier is safe and unharmed.

This is exactly how LA moved into the age of bullet-proof encased plastic cages in every service station. Eventually, this place will be the same.