Atascadero DUI suspect flees after rollover on Highway 101

March 1, 2016

CHP@An Atascadero woman rolled over her SUV on Highway 101 Tuesday morning, the fled the scene before California Highway Patrol officers arrived. But, CHP officers found her car parked behind a dumpster in Atascadero and arrested her for DUI.

Nicole Missamore, 33, crashed her 1998 GMC Jimmy at approximately 6:14 a.m., according to the CHP. Witnesses said she was driving northbound on Highway 101 in Atascadero near Morro Road when the vehicle rolled over and came to a rest on its wheels.

Witnesses spoke to Missamore to check on her welfare. She told them she was fine and then drove away from the scene.

Officers found Missamore’s SUV parked behind a dumpster in the Food4Less parking lot at 8630 El Camino Real. An officer conducted a DUI investigation and observed signs and symptoms of impairment. The officer determined Missamore was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and arrested her for DUI.

Missamore was transported to Twin Cities Hospital where she received treatment for minor injuries. She was then taken to San Luis Obispo County Jail.


From her mugshot, it looks like she does a lot more than drinking. She looks like she meths around.


Good information SLOBIRD….but all it takes is a lawyer to get her off again w/o penalty. All it takes is plenty of cash!!


or a LEO badge or the right connections.


Actually, you don’t need connections or money. Our State politicians have reduced the quality of crimes and injustices to society to nothing more than a slap on the hand. You just have to keep watching these people who keep committing crimes: out on parole, out on bail, 2nd offense, 3 rd offense, wanted on bail, in violation of parole, The wheel just keeps turning.

Now, if you think Prop 47 involving reducing some crimes from felony to misdemeanors and they releasing more criminals on the streets was bad, he is at it again in the next election cycle reducing more high crimes to less, the release of more criminals, and pulled on a fast one on the public in slipping this over on the public. Thank goodness that the district attorneys in this State still work for the law abiding citizens.

Read this:


This is by far not the first encounter with law enforcement!

EVENT: 1105090051 WARRANT Type: Date/Time:

Location: Loc.Com:

05/09/2011 15:06

Agency: APD

Case No: 111186

Comment: License: 3SBG928, LEFT SECURE AT SCENE.



She’s not done yet. She likely won’t stop drinking until she kills someone and they lock her up for years.