Swastikas, racial slurs scribbled on Cal Poly apartment

March 1, 2016

Poly Apartment

A Cal Poly student found swastikas and racial and homophobic slurs on the door of his on-campus apartment last week. University police have investigated the case and forwarded it to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. [Mustang News]

Cal Poly sophomore Neel Kogali said someone threw a glass bottle at the door of his Poly Canyon apartment on Tuesday. The following day, he woke up from a nap and found his door vandalized with hateful language, Kogali said.

An image shows the writing on the door included “I Niggers” and “Clean the TRASH!!” The word “fag” and hammer and sickles were also on the door, Kogalis said.

University President Jeffrey Armstrong responded with a statement denouncing the hateful rhetoric.

“Criminal behavior and hate-filled rhetoric are clearly at odds with the university’s expectations of all campus community members,” Armstrong said.

Cal Poly officials have also launched an investigating into the incident. The university says vandalism charges were filed with the district attorney’s office.

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A little handwriting analysis might be fun. Those “G’s” are pretty distinct.

It will eventually come out to be a hoax, they did it themselves for attention, just like that last “racist” incident on the bus. I’ve become such a cynic about this stuff, someone draws a swastika on a wall and all hell breaks out, black thugs kill a white guy with hammers and it’s youthful exuberance.

I think it will be proven a hoax as well.

I wouldn’t automatically assume this is… what it appears to be. This doesn’t smell right. I would suggest Poly do a little more research before it plays the blame game. Just sayin.

This is an odd piece of work. Who, but a non native English speaker, would use the term “clean the trash”, rather than “Clean up the trash” or “Clean out the trash”. Who would get the swastikas wrong, but someone familiar with seeing them backwards?

Why would someone use the “n” word for someone who is not Black. and then write I (heart) them. Using the heart symbol for “love” is kind of a feminine touch. Then they throw in Soviet or communist symbols and a derogatory term for gays for a kitchen sink of assumed standard slurs, most of which do not apply to this student.

Strange, indeed.

To the person or person’s that scribbled on the wall….grow up!

To anyone offended by the scribble…….grow a pair!

‘Grow a pair’

Gee, that’s original.

I’m not trying to be original…. so what is your point? No one is free of being offended in this world so good advise to young people would be to toughen up buttercup. I know that wasn’t original either.

cowardly and disgusting. Send these kids to diversity training (again).

Those are not (NAZI) swastikas; rather they are (Hindu) sauwastika – or LEFT-FACING versions. The NAZI’s inverted theirs (Right-facing). I know it’s a technicality. There are also more hammer & sickle emblems, yet no mention of those. Odd.

*edit* meant to say, there are also hammer & sickle emblems, which are communist – which is ironic, considering the NAZI’s hated communists more than capitalists. Funny.

Props to this guy for taking the high road and not playing the victim. What I would do now is go on amazon and buy a home security camera system for about $100 and set it up so you can watch it on your phone. Catch those ignorant scumbags in the act!

No issue if they are Poly students, nothing will be done, Armstrong doesn’t want to make any waves and risk mom and dad stopping the gravy train.

Or just go to simplisafe.com, baby!

The only problem is the grafitti is on the outside (hallway side of the door). He would have to set the camera up in the hallway and it would likely be stolen within a day.

He can get a small wireless one and mount it where noone can see it. They make the about the size of a thumbnail nowadays

Bright folk. If I had to guess, the guy is from India.

And to those who did this, you reap what you sow.

The irony would be if someone meant the 卍 to mean “nazi” (卐); both symbols (卐 or 卍) are used in Buddism and Hinduism. The nigger and faggot and trash remarks are obviously meant to be derogatory, clearly.