Bomb threat empties SLO County courthouse

March 23, 2016

SLO County CourthouseAuthorities evacuated the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse, as well as the Old Courthouse building, after receiving a bomb threat Wednesday morning. The county planning department is located in the Old Courthouse.

Witnesses said they saw people pouring out of the buildings. Law enforcement officers responded, cordoned off the neighboring streets and searched the buildings.

Shortly before 10 a.m., county officials announced law enforcement had cleared the buildings and staffers were given the green light to re-enter.

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Did law enforcement “lock down” the SLO City Hall and SLO High School? After all the high school is only about a mile away. /sarcasm

Scuttlebutt is that some idiot with a family law hearing this morning called it in because he did not want to face the judge…Unfortunately for the caller he has reportedly been tracked down by the caller ID on his phone

If so, send him the bill for everyone’s time and trouble.

Not to worry I’m sure the government employees were still being paid while standing outside, they might even be getting hazardous pay, no money lost for them, the only ones getting the short end again are the taxpayers.

That will certainly not aid to his cause of wanting to see his kids more.

Whom was scheduled for court before 10:30 a.m. at the courthouse ? LEO could start there.

At least we can rule out Radical Muslims – they don’t threaten, they just do it.

I’m beginning to think that a “radical” Muslim is one who does NOT kill infidels and actually takes a stand against what “regular” Muslims are taught in mosques around the world…

Anyway, this whole story will become blasé because we, as a society, have painted ourselves into a corner of political correctness and purposeful self mis-direction. Now anyone who wants a sh!t or giggle can have bomb threats called in. Sometimes for as little as $5 in bitcoin.

No Radical Muslims at the SLO County Courthouse.

Edit: Keep dragging off topic into this at your own risk.

Why do I think that anyone that comments on this will be investigated?