Cambria widow sues Monsanto over husband’s death

March 11, 2016

Monsant0A Cambria woman is suing agrochemical giant Monsanto, alleging a herbicide the company produces killed her husband. [KSBY]

Late last year, Cambria farmer Jack McCall died of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. McCall reportedly used the Monsanto herbicide Roundup on his farm everyday for nearly 30 years.

On Wednesday, McCall’s wife, Terri McCall, filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Los Angeles. The lawsuit states the family’s dog, which spent his life roaming the farm, also died on lymphoma.

McCall’s attorney also points out a number of countries, including France, the Netherlands and Bermuda, have banned or restricted the private and/or commercial sales of Roundup.

The Cambria widow’s lawsuit is one of several suits across the country regarding Roundup. Plaintiffs accuse Monsanto of having known for a long time that Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, is hazardous to human health.

Monsanto responded with a statement saying the company is sympathetic to anyone experiencing health problems, but claims regarding glyphosate being dangerous are baseless and without merit. The company says glyphosate has a 40-year history of safe use, and no regulatory agency would consider it to be a carcinogen.


if my husband were dying the last thing I would be doing is consulting with attorneys in his last days. to file a law suit of this magnitude you have to find attorneys to take this case and good attorneys spend a lot of time reviewing a case before they go after such a big company. that spells greed to me.


Disgusting. By her logic, Shouldn’t she have lymphoma too?


First-hand, ag chemicals are nasty. Nasty stuff with a price tag.

Nobody is forcing you to use the stuff. Especially as a farm owner.

Now, I know: ‘But the weeds! The weeds!’

Guess what. If they didn’t make it, then you certainly wouldn’t use it.

Don’t use this crap. I just watched the ‘landscaper’ go around yesterday spraying crap. His ‘pre-emergent’. Well, guess where it went today? Into our lakes, streams. Oceans. Animals. And eventually our bodies too.




Roundup’s kinda burning out on its own. “Roundup-ready” GMO grains were quickly developed. Nature is slower but it eventually catches up, Roundup was never effective against the nasty, tough clump grasses and the more susceptible weeds are going through a period of natural selection.

Old Salt

I’ve use Roundup for over 30 years.

I always used rubber gloves and long sleeved shirts to protect my skin.


Old Salt, please don’t try to confuse the issue with common sense. And how dare you accept responsibility for your own actions!


“The company says glyphosate has a 40-year history of safe use, and no regulatory agency would consider it to be a carcinogen.” That’s choice, like tobacco companies saying smoking is safe and nobody would consider it a carcinogen! Geez. Monsanto hid what they knew from the public and govt, but the words’ finally out. Glyphosate is a carcinogen, guys. Better face the music. Good luck to the lady in court.


Yes, it is a carcinogen, and just think what all the round-up use is doing as it seeps into our water supply. I quit using it a long time ago because of that.


Using the lynch-first-understand-later mentality of the Monsanto haters, then, we should sue the widow McCall for her late husband’s daily application of roundup into our water supply.


Let’s find someone to blame for everything so we can regress and get rich at the same time.


Monsanto and the EPA have a swinging door policy of leadership. Monsanto guys get jobs in the EPA and the EPA guys go to Monsanto.

So the Fox is guarding the HenHouse.

You will not find any EPA info against Monsanto.

So if we all were to be responsible for our actions I would say that Monsanto is producing anti- human and animal products and the lies from the EPA allow our culture among farmers to use these unsafe chemicals.

How many of you buy organic? Today organic is a lie as well. I want to eat healthy non-poisoned foods but USDA lies about what organic means today there are at least 13 chemicals that have been declared ORGANIC (not true but so what does truth have to do with any of this?). So we are all subjected to harmful items in our food supply.

Take it one step farther…GMO was voted on by our county citizens as YES so eventually all of our grown foods will be unsafe. GMO is not hybriding it is creating monster foods that harm our ability to thrive.

So this subject lacks honesty and so many are being harmed and unfortunately lawsuits are popular. Farmers that spray with these chemicals run a high risk of harming themselves and their loved ones and passing these residues inside the food they produce. If you grow that way then you chose it.

Each and everyone of us has the right to learn and understand for ourselves what is truth and when you ignore the mounted evidence that spraying these chemicals will harm us all then I am sad for you and your loved ones but you are also part of the problem.

Help educate and stop this use.


Do you wear tin foil for contrails also?

3 putt

Mr McCall’s death is a tragedy and you have to be sympathetic to his family. That said, this lawsuit is going to be extremely difficult to win.

Plaintiff will have to prove “causation” by a preponderance of the evidence–not just speculation. That will be EXPENSIVE and most difficult given Monsanto’s expending anything it takes to defeat the claim. Expert witnesses will be “bought” and will rack up huge bills saying whatever they are paid to say. Ugly and sad.


Every day? Common sense or the lack of, certainly played a part in his death.