Dog tossed at Orcutt protesters, found dead

March 24, 2016


A dog was found dead at a teachers’ rally in Orcutt on Friday. Witnesses said the dog was thrown from a truck into a crowd of people at the demonstration. [KCOY]

Last Wednesday, a 14-year-old blind toy poodle named Sam disappeared from the backyard of Johnnie and Sophia Schwark’s Orcutt home. On Friday afternoon, Sophia Schwark received a call saying the dog found at the rally matched the description of Sam.

It is not known whether the dog was killed before it was thrown out of the truck.

Police have not located any suspects. They are searching for a maroon truck.

Two animal rights groups are offering a combined reward of $8,000 for anyone who finds the person or people who abducted and killed the dog. Anyone with information about the case is asked to come forward to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Sophia Schwark said Sam was a beloved part of the family. The Schwarks lost their two sons in a Christmas Eve fire at the family’s Santa Maria apartment in 1999. The boys were 10 and 12 at the time of their deaths.


i would pay the person who did this $1000; to beat the living shit out of them; and then some.


Maybe look for the truck at the next COLAB meeting.


How low can you go?


That was nothing compared to another story today from Washington that featured a dog who had been repeatedly raped and then killed in a shocking method. I keep droning on about something being wrong with this planet….and no one will listen. Good people recoil in shock when they hear these things…..but what dark hole do these monsters crawl up from that do these things? And how do they acquire a human body to go do these deeds in? (Er….maybe we don’t want to know the answer to that…).


Just when you think you’ve heard it all. How did human beings digress to such rabid dog behavior?

Ted Slanders

On a Christian perspective, what has happened to this dog is no better than what our Hebrew Christian god Yahweh commanded our forefathers to do within the scriptures.

God tells Abram to kill some animals for him. The needless slaughter makes God feel better. (Genesis 15: 9-10)

Moses has some animals killed and their dead bodies burned for our Yahweh god. Then he sprinkles their blood on the altar and on the people. This makes God happy. (Genesis 24:5-8)

The inspired word of our Yahweh told His creation to get some animals, kill them, chop up their bodies, “wave body parts in the air”, burn the carcasses, and sprinkle the blood all around. Sickening? Maybe, but it made our God feel good. (Genesis 29: 11_37)

To start off God and Satan’s gruesome game, Job’s slaves and animals are burned to death or killed with swords. Then Job’s children are killed in a windstorm while partying. (Job 1:13-19)

There is a “plethora” of other horrible examples of godly sanctioned animal cruelty within the bible, but you get the picture. As all true Christians realize, our Bronze Age Hebrew God Yahweh was hardly pro-animal rights, therefore this unfortunate story shouldn’t be upsetting to us.


How awful.


I wouldn’t even take the reward. It would be my great pleasure to turn these jackals in if I had the info. Despicable…


I would only turn in what was left of them….


What? Who does that?


Who gave it thumbs down?


The kind of people that upgrade to serial killers.