How would state seize Paso Robles water basin?

March 16, 2016


What would it mean if the state should ever assume responsibility for and control over the Paso Robles water basin? State officials have authority of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA) to act in cases of over-drafting of any of California’s numerous water basins.

With two of this county’s supervisors hyping such an outcome following the disastrous, failed water district election just concluded in the north County, an examination of the state’s objectives and actions in such a “takeover” is warranted.

SGMA “focuses on local control of groundwater basins, but provides a state backdrop should sustainable management on the local level not occur,” according to Chris Austin, whose website, “Maven’s Notebook” reports daily on California water activities.

Austin, a well-respected observer of the state’s water industry, has published a compilation of observations made by state officials regarding the law and it implementation.

Supervisor Frank Mecham said he is planning a trip to Sacramento next month to attend the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), where he plans to “learn more about” the state’s groundwater law. Fellow supervisor Bruce Gibson, a recent advocate of a state takeover of the basin, is on the CSAC Executive Committee and its board of directors.


What it looks like to me is that when the vote failed and these two clowns didn’t get the money to start another govt job,they now don’t want to mess with it.


Don’t get Hill’s and Gibson’s motives … pls explain


Do not trust anything Hill advocates and I second that regarding Gibson. Elect Dan Carpenter as the best choice to replace (my backers are developers) Adam Hill.

Please terminate Hill’s political career forever!!


If your view of Carpenter is correct, please explain why his sign is in front of the home of an owner of RRM Design, the favorite developer front in SLO Co. Sorry, but he’s just as much in the pocket of developers as Hill.

Jorge Estrada

They’ll try to get the ok for their use of a State Logo so they can stamp the State made me do it, as needed.


Lets just get Hill and Gibson to step down. The state says for the county to manage the district and they cannot do it the state will step in. Well its pretty simple that those two dont want to do their job which we all pay them for. Lets get some supervisors in there that want to represent the county. Sorry boys you made a big mistake.


Since Hill and Gibson failed their Plan A ~ rich developers’ takeover of groundwater via the water district, they need to rush to Plan B ~ turning over control to the state so the developers can make ‘contributions’ ie. statewide corruption.

Good that Mecham is attending the CSAC to keep a close eye on Gibson’s actions.