Traffic accidents soar as rain hit the Central Coast

March 6, 2016

SLO fire 1

The storm that swept through the Central Coast on Saturday led to two accidents involving San Luis Obispo Fire department rescues.

At about 7:30 p.m., a car crashed near the California Boulevard and Highway 101 off ramp, according to the San Luis Obispo City Fire Department. Firefighters extracted a single occupant from the vehicle.

Emergency personnel then transported the driver to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. The drivers condition was not disclosed.

Earlier in the day, shortly before noon, the driver of of a pickup truck crashed on Olive Street near the Highway 101 ramp. The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

SLO fire 2

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Gotta love our clutching to the “small town” feel… TWO car accidents due to weather. TOP FOLD material around here! =)

(I really do love stuff like this, much better than MS13 invading the town and killing our illegals)

Slow down and don’t tailgate. You’d be amazed at the results.

The problem is big city drivers in SLO county. I get a laugh when we have those traffic jams that we are not accustom to. Rather than dwelling on the time I think about how lucrative a porta-potty on wheels could be.

Leaving Los Osos this morning about 8:15 or so during a really heavy downpour I got behind a Prius doing 30ish on LOVR. That was not the problem, we were only about a 1/2 mile from Turri Rd so the passing lane was coming up, the problem was the brown truck that passed us both over the double yellow line blasting his horn. I felt like a slice of cheese in an idiot sandwich.

Los Dose-os? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Ever wonder why the tranquil village needs a Sheriff’s substation when it’s only 10 miles from Sheriff’s headquarters?

Headlines almost always blame the wreck on the conditions, rarely on the driver.

You got it, our elected leaders are experts at making everything someone else’s fault, plus they want to get drivers licenses in everyone hands regardless of if a person has the abilities to drive responsibly.

Rain and no brain causes pain.