John Ashbaugh apologizes for lashing out, again

March 6, 2016
Councilman John Ashbaugh

Councilman John Ashbaugh

In response to concerns by several San Luis Obispo residents about demands new development could have on the city’s dwindling water supply and overtaxed infrastructure, Councilman John Ashbaugh lashed out at his constituents.

On March 2, Bob Shanbrom emailed city council members and management staff asking why his “months-longstanding questions on water issues” had not been answered. Specifically, Shanbrom wanted to know what data city staff had relied on when calculating the city’s water supply and why the city was not spending more time on the issue.

“I am a citizen of this city and I have a right to know about my water supply,” Shanbrom wrote. “I am profoundly disappointed in a council that will agendize utility box decoration but that refuses to agendize the water issue and that seems so incurious about this most-critical question. Frankly, this has a bad odor about it.”

Ashbaugh responded to the email by Shanbrom and another by Allan Cooper claiming their concerns were foolish and delusional.

“Please know that Bob Shanbrom has spoken out -foolishly,  i.m.h.o. – against the City’s request for our proportional allocation of the unallocated water in Nacimiento,” Asbaugh responded on March 4. “By her statements at the WRAC 9m Wednesday, Christine Mulholland seems to agree with Bob in this misperception that there’s no “wet water” in Naci to be allocated. Christine, Mila, Richard Schmidt, Allan Cooper, and now even Stephen Hanson are all allied in trying to deny the reality of our new general plan.

“Treat them with respect, of course, but realize too that they are going to distort any data given by staff for their own purposes, especially in the upcoming election.”

On Saturday, Ashbaugh apologized for his statements.

“For all those who are receiving this email, I regret the choice of words that were used in my pre-dawn message to our staff earlier today,” Ashbaugh wrote. “It’s my fervent hope that a productive dialogue can occur, and that all parties feel that their questions are answered fully and accurately. For that to happen, all of us need to listen as well as contribute constructively to the dialogue that shapes our response to this drought.”

Mila Vujovich-LaBarre accepted Ashbaugh’s apology while reiterating concerns about the council’s vote to approve land use changes without properly vetting concerns for public resources and safety.

“I will not go into a long-winded discussion of how the approved San Luis Obispo City Land Use Circulation Element (LUCE) showed little regard for transportation, water availability and airport safety,” Vujovich-LaBarre wrote. “What I will say is that I appreciate Councilman Ashbaugh’s recent apology to Bob Lucas, Allan Cooper, Bob Shanbrom, Steve Hansen, Dr. Brodie and me. We do have a water crisis in the City of San Luis Obispo.”

In 2014, Ashbaugh also apologized for his angry tirade against council members Dan Carpenter and Kathy Smith who voted against the override of the airport land use element. After Smith left the council, the override passed by a 4-1 vote with Carpenter decenting.

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The only person in City Government with any modicum of common sense and civility is Dan Carpenter. I would hate to see him leave, but maybe he can elevate the Board of Supervisors.

It will be hard to elevate the Board of Supervisors with Gibson and Arnold still around.

All politicians need to be tarred and feathered at least monthly, particularly those who no longer have any humility.

“Treat them with respect, of course, but realize too that they are going to distort any data given by staff for their own purposes, especially in the upcoming election.”

Sure, because John Asshat has never distorted information for his own political gain… yeah, never!

Can’t wait to rid ourselves of this fool. Just the measure forcing commercial entities to cease using one type of bag (plastic bag ban) and dictate how they may operate their business, what price they can charge for paper, etc. is so Fascist. Typical lefty.

These politicians have conveniently forgot who they work for. Then again, if we are stupid enough to elect these people we get what we deserve.

You maybe confused with “who they work for” and “who elected them”, the two often do not have the same answer. In the city of SLO, for Ashbaugh and Marx, the answers are the same for both of them but different for the two statements. For both of them, who they work for, developers of whomever will contribute the most to their “re-election” funds. Who elected them, the people who do not seem to mind this type of politics.

It was shocking for me to attend City Council, Planning Commission,ARC meetings and realize that people speaking do not even have to say if they are employed by the developers, paid consultants (architects, etc.) or have any vested interest in the projects that they are of course praising. They do not even have to say if they live in SLO. There are many advocating for these projects who are wolves is sheep’s clothing. This is just plain wrong. RRM seems to be the worst offender and even overloaded the 2 recent Saturday Vision Mission Plaza and Imagine Downtown planning sessions for residents. The City of SLO even allowed them to lead groups and lots of the development involved were very vocal advocating for 75 foot buildings, etc. The City Council, Mayor, City Manager are in bed with them and so are city staff. We need to clean SLO’s house in the November election ! Jan Marx is running again, too bad for the health of SLO. Ashbaugh is termed out and Carpenter is running for Co. Supervisor. Three open positions gives and opportunity to turn things around.

Ashbaugh does need to go! And so does Ashbaugh’s buddy who he endorsed, Adam Hill. Vote Dan Carpenter on June 7!

Adam Hill is a BULLY

John Ashbaugh is a BULLY

John Ashbaugh endorses Adam Hill

Nice how the Bullies stick together



VOTE on Tuesday June 7th


Just the facts you have it right

These entitled bullies need to go

ASHBAOUGH retire…………………

Thanks Photon! Let’s vote out Adam Hill June 7. Let’s vote out John Ashbaugh November 8. Get rid of the bullies! And don’t forget to vote for Dan Carpenter for Supervisor June 7. Dan the BULLY BUSTER! Go Dan!

You don’t need to bother to vote out Ashbaugh. He’s termed out. He’s history. Just getting in his last few tirades before heading to the has-been looney bin.

Best news I’ve heard all day…Ashbaugh leaving office! Too bad his mentor Adam Hill didn’t retire. If we don’t get rid of AH this time, it’s our own fault. I’ve had enough of these politicians that forget they are PUBLIC SERVANTS! I’m voting for Dan Carpenter. He has the best chance to beat AH and is the right man for the job.

Ashbaugh needs to go.

Maybe Adam Hill will make a political commercial about John like his BS commercial about Dan Carpenter?

Time to stand up to the lies that Adam Hill has pushed.

Glossy brochures and warm and fuzzy pictures does not cleans a bad boy from his bullying and arm twisting of you weak kneed business people.

How do you all sleep at night when you let Adam Hill and a John Ashbaugh WIN!

Put your $$$ up and help Dan Carpenter represent the people and hear what they have to say about their concerns and project. If you think Dan will stick around to help you when Adam Hill punishes you think again….Carpenter will go do something else and you will be sorry you were so AFRAID of Adam Hill.

Adam Hill is an unethical person and our citizens continue to get mugged.

If you do not push out the bully you only have yourselves to blame. Hide in the bushes, hide at your Chamber’s of Commerce and let Adam tell you what to do….

Time to be real and become a principled upstanding citizens by helping Dan Carpenter get his message out there.