Cambria general manager’s raise scrapped, for now

April 28, 2016



Amid growing outrage, the Cambria Community Services District will not be voting Thursday to approve a contract giving the district’s general manager a 38 percent pay increase. The agenda change appears to be prompted by public complaints following a CalCoastNews exclusive article on the proposed contract.

In addition, CalCoastNews has discovered large discrepancies in information about salaries the district provided to the state and salary amounts provided to the district’s board.

Since the board voted in 2011 to make Jerry Gruber its general manager at a salary of $150,000 a year plus benefits, his salary and benefits have steadily risen. The contract staff removed from the agenda would have grown Gruber’s salary to $221,984 by July 2020, or with benefits to about $310,778 a year.

A staff report discussing the proposed contract claims Gruber is currently making $167,240 a year in regular pay and does not provide the amount the district pays for his benefit package.

However, the amount of pay the district provided in its report in 2015 to the California State Controller’s Office does not reconcile.

According to California State Controller’s Office, the district paid Gruber $197,429 in total wages with a benefit package of $79.043, for a total of $276,472.

Gruber did not respond to the question of why the salary he reported to the state varies by more than $30,000 from this week’s staff report.

In March, because of financial shortfalls, the district raised its water and sewage rates by 116 percent. In January, while members of the public were fighting against the rate increase, the board was already negotiating a large pay raise for Gruber.



  1. Amicus says:

    A raise surprised me since kickbacks usually come in the form of cash and perky gifts.

  2. CentralcoastRN says:

    I think we should all ask for a 38% raise, and Cite that our bosses should lead by example. If you are your own boss, you should give yourself a raise by raises all your costs on your services. Seems legit, passing the buck.

  3. hijinks says:

    Guess who in SLO City is in line for a $5000 pay raise next Tuesday night? Katie Lichtig and Christine Dietrick, the two most overpaid people at city hall. It’s disguised as a “retention bonus.” Really? Why do they need a retention bonus? Lichtig and Marx must go.

    • kayaknut says:

      The city has plenty of money, they voted for the new sales tax and of course rather than address the real crisis, underfunded pension debt, they will just give already overpaid people even more money, and the voters will continue to support it.

    • r0y says:

      Wait, so if we DON’T pay $5,000 they will leave? Sounds like the best $5,000 ever saved… and THEN some!

  4. achillesheal says:

    One of the major flaws of the government system is inability to calculate the value that an individual brings. In the private sector this is easy. In government impossible since their charge is to waste money and not to make money.

    As a result salaries are often determined through comparison of similar jobs in similar size cities. No credence is given to the fiscal state of that particular municipality, or the quality of the job done, just how much money can be made.

    Wouldn’t this type of behavior be considered collusion if the private sector did it.

    god I hate these government scum!

    • SLOBIRD says:

      “One of the major flaws of the government system is inability to calculate the value that an individual brings.”

      Actual[y, I think you are very wrong. It is just a matter of how much you can protect the politicians and if you can kiss a$$ with the right ones. Then you get overly rewarded and Kathie Liclit has proven she does it better than anyone in this County for Jan Marx, her co-conspirator.

  5. shelworth says:

    Damn, there goes my Tar, feather, torch, and pitchfork concession!

  6. fish says:

    According to California State Controller’s Office, the district paid Gruber $197,429 in total wages with a benefit package of $79.043, for a total of $276,472.
    Unreal and he wants more. The truth finally surface.

  7. kayaknut says:

    The Headlines says it all “For Now”, that’s public sector speak for “Darn they found out about us and now we will have to act as though we care and scrap our plans for now, wait a bit and then try again to sneak it by without the little people catching on”

  8. says:

    When will the brain dead community of cambria figure out the only solution is to ELIMINATE the ccsd before they break the citizens I have watched this group of greedy public snakes and well meaning idiots misgovern this town for 30 years.Abolish the ccsd –Cayucos is a good example of a great town without the nonsense of a csd, an unneeded and harmful and absolutely redundant and wasteful group of louts

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