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Grover Beach to pay back overcharges, initiative moves forward

By KAREN VELIE The Grover Beach City Council on Monday agreed the city has overcharged residents on their water bills and will need to refund nearly $100,000. Earlier on Monday, a citizens group turned in more than four times the... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach residents working on anti-water rate increase initiative

By KAREN VELIE A group of Grover Beach residents plan to overturn the City Council’s resolution to raise water rates by more than 100% through an anti-water rate increase initiative. Grover H2O filed a notice of intent to circulate the... (Continue reading)

SLO council approves water and sewer rate hikes

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The San Luis Obispo City Council voted unanimously to increase water and sewer rates this year and next year. [KSBY] Water rates will increase by 8.5 percent on July 1. They will then increase by an additional... (Continue reading)

Atascadero water company seeking 25% rate increase

By KAREN VELIE In an attempt to deal with rising costs and the need for capital improvements, the Atascadero Mutual Water Company is proposing a 25% increase in water rates for 2024 and then 4% each year after that. At... (Continue reading)

Cambria CSD approves another water and sewer rate hike

As it has done multiple times in recent years, the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors approved water and sewer rate increases last week. On Oct. 4, the CSD held a ratepayer protest hearing, as required by California’s Proposition... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay approves rate hike for sewage plant despite protest

Morro Bay ratepayers submitted about 2,150 of the approximately 2,800 protest votes needed to stop a controversial water and sewer rate hike that will go toward funding the city’s planned sewage treatment plant project. Still, the Morro Bay City Council... (Continue reading)

Cambria CSD to remove its general manager

In a closed-session hearing last week, the Cambria Community Services District board decided to enter into negotiations on a separation agreement with CSD General Manager Jerry Gruber. [Cal Coast Times] On Aug. 31, the CSD board of directors met in... (Continue reading)

Cambrians can do better; cast your vote for change

OPINION by TINA DICKASON Cambrians are in desperate need of a change in the governing board of the Cambria Community Services District. We have an opportunity in this election to replace three incumbents, two who are up for re-election, and... (Continue reading)

Cambria general manager’s raise scrapped, for now

By KAREN VELIE Amid growing outrage, the Cambria Community Services District will not be voting Thursday to approve a contract giving the district’s general manager a 38 percent pay increase. The agenda change appears to be prompted by public complaints... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles council approves water rate hike

The Paso Robles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse a rate hike that will nearly double the average water bill over the next five years. [Paso Robles Daily News] Following the 5-0 vote, the average monthly water bill will... (Continue reading)