Deputies investigating death of mother and infant

April 24, 2016

ambulance 4The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a Creston woman and her newborn baby who both died on Saturday.

Early in the morning, Brandy Stanton, 37, was taking a bath at her home in Creston when she began yelling for help,” according to a sheriff’s press release. “A relative then discovered Stanton and the baby she had just delivered in severe medical distress and called 911.

Emergency personnel transported Stanton and her newborn to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton where efforts to resuscitate both mother and child failed.

Deputies found no evidence of foul play. The investigation into the deaths is ongoing.

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If this woman by chance didn’t know she was pregnant AND was Rh negative, this could have been a factor in their deaths. I’m Rh negative and had to get the Rhogam shot with both of my kids to prevent Rh incompatibility.

CentralcoastRN, I voted thumbs down on your post because it is too long and takes up too much space. On these forums anything past one short paragraph is generally too much. Make a comment or two but stop pontificating and acting like we actually want to hear your “wealth of knowledge”.

You know, no one can make you read anything you don’t want to read. Just skip it. It’s ok.

I think it is ok to speak with passion about things that matter to us.

No need to be snarky, simply scroll on past. Being mean on the internet is beneath you.

Oh this is tragic and bizarre.

I am very sorry to this family for their loss. This is simply awful.

There are some questions I ask myself when I read articles like this.

1. Was this woman receiving prenatal care at a local provider of some sort?

2. Was this a home birth? If so, who was the attending midwife or midwife she was working with?

3. If the family knew she was pregnant, had they discussed some type of birth plan with her?

4. Did this woman have any significant medical history, and was she aware that by age alone, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) considers her pregnancy high risk?

There has been a shift with documentaries, Women’s liberation, advancements in medicine, etc that allow women to have more of a choice when it comes to “birthing”. Local hospitals for a time would not allow a woman who had ever had a C-Section attempt what we in the medical field call VBACS (Vaginal births after cesarean section). Women were infuriated, because they felt their right to “experience” a “true birth” was being stolen away from them by not their own doctor, but by hospitals. Hospitals are required to staff an entire OR staff to be ready to do a “crash c-section” when a laboring woman attempts a VBAC in the event that the Uterus “abrupts”. An abrupted uterus happens in these cases rarely, but can happen when the force of strong contractions cause the uterus to often re-tear open at the point the Uterus was cut at the last C-section. The incidence of these abruptions have decreased dramatically when doctors changed the incision from a vertical to a horizontal.

Drawing partway down the page of a vertical vs horizontal c-section if you want a visual of what I mean.

Women who want to attempt home births is a trend that waxes and wanes. Many local OB/Gyns employ Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). In fact, many women in our community were probably delivered by local midwife. I know almost every one (nurses like to hang out with other awesome nurses), and my last child was delivered by a local midwife (IN A HOSPITAL).

That said, there are midwives who can and DO perform home births. Women who have experienced a home birth such as this report that it is a LIFE CHANGING experience, very intimate. The thing is, NO INSURANCE WILL COVER THIS. NONE. You will pay for this service out of pocket. The other thing is, midwives will ONLY do this on low risk women. IF you are screened and deemed to be NOT low risk, a pregnant women will be referred to local OB/Gyns. It is for the protection of the pregnant woman ultimately. If you are curious about this, simply Google “home birth midwife San Luis Obispo”.

IF this woman was attempting a home birth, Creston is a LONG way from San Luis Obispo, which is where Sierra Vista’s ICU and NICU are located. Twin Cities is simply not equipped to handle situations such as this. Twin Cities tries to stabilize a person enough to keep them alive for transport. That is it.

There are many other “unknowns” to this story. I just know there are a lot of red flags here, and I want to know why this happened- because the story did not begin with a woman screaming for help from the bathtub….

One thing I want to make sure to clarify is that the local midwives working in an OB/GYN office do NOT deliver babies at home. They deliver low risk mothers in the hospital setting, but often times will allow for more “freedom” than a doctor and are at the bedside more often than a doctor. Some midwives will often assist Dad in “catching” the baby as he/she is born if the Dad wants to . Some mothers will often pull/deliver their own baby with the midwife’s guidance. If it sounds gross or dangerous, it simply isn’t. Once the baby’s head and shoulders pop out, the rest slides on out. Sorry if that sounds gross, but that’s exactly what happens.

Just wanted to make sure I clarified that point.

And also, if at anytime the midwife sees things getting more serious, she is working under the supervision of the OB Doctor and WILL call him/her to come in to assess.

Why speculate without knowing any facts?

What if she went into a sudden, unexpected labor? What if she wasn’t planning a home birth anyway?

Who knows. Very sad nonetheless.

To be honest, I’m not sure why mind went there. I think some people naturally ask questions in a tragedy, some to seek answers and find comfort, some to help make sure it doesn’t happen again if prevention is possible. No offense was intended.

It is a very heartbreaking thing. That is all.

CentralCoastRN thank you for the information surrounding birthing – home or otherwise. I do not understand the down votes. You are right, there are several red flags here. That is not speculation, just common sense. After reading the article, it was my first thought as well. Simple logic leads you to the distinct possibility that it was a home birthing gone terribly wrong.

Absolutely tragic.

Very strange story!