Drunk driver traps pedestrian under car

April 11, 2016
Rene Castro

Rene Castro

A Santa Maria woman  was arrested Saturday after she drove over a pedestrian trapping the woman underneath her car. Rene Castro was charged with felony DUI and both possession of methamphetamine and illegal drug paraphernalia.

Shortly after 4:30 p.m., firefighters responded to reports of an accident in the Santa Maria Town Center parking lot and found the victim trapped under a 2007 Toyota passenger car.

Emergency personnel then extracted the victim from under the vehicle and  transported her to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria. More information about the victim’s injuries was not available.

Police arrested Castro, 43, and booked her into the Santa Barbara County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


Sadly, we the public are supporting this woman’s drug habit. Her address leads to the most heavily subsidized housing in the city. Because her housing is paid for by taxpayers, she has the money to buy meth. So, not only do we pay for her; we provide income to her drug dealer, and people proudly proclaim it “Housing First”.

Noozhawk reported that she “ran down the pedestrian”.


California needs a big dose of tough love. Sink or swim you’re on your own and all we will do is pick up the pieces afterwards. The working people of this state should not have their hard earned money tossed away like this. The borders are wide open and the money makers and tax payers are leaving in droves. Good luck with that California. If you are hooked on drugs…no housing and free stuff for you! Kids or no kids because if you give an addicted mother monetary payments what do you think she will use the money for? Tough love…no more hand outs only hand ups. Or keep doing what we are doing and hang your head in shame at the carnage.


People, when someone is under a car, use a car jack to take the pressure off of them. Don’t just leave them trapped until the rescuers arrive. Victims can suffer serious crush injuries by having their bodies squeezed for a length of time. Don’t ry to drag them out because they might have spinal injuries. Just lift the car enough so that they aren’t being crushed.

I hope the victim is able to recover fully. The driver should be permanently banned from owning or operating a car. We cannot trust her judgement because she has been so reckless and unconcerned for the safety of the rest of us on the road.


Yes. Time to take her license away!


She is probably feeling pretty run down today.