Hazmat team removes powdered briefs from Grover Beach

April 10, 2016

Grover Beach Police hazmat

What happens when someone receives the wrong package from Amazon, one with several odd items including men’s undergarments sprinkled with a cosmetic powder? Roads are closed and the San Luis Obispo County Hazardous Materials team is called in.

On Sunday afternoon, a resident on the 300 block of North 11th Street in Grover Beach opened a package that arrived in the mail and called 911. While the recipient was expecting plumbing parts, the package contained men’s briefs, hot sauce, ladies stockings and a loose dusting of a white powder.

Grover Beach officers arrived, closed North 11th Street from Brighton Avenue to Newport Avenue and called the Five Cities Fire Department, SLO County Hazardous Materials Response Team, SLO County Environmental Health Services and the FBI to the scene. The FBI quickly determined the cosmetic powder poised no threat to public heath, according to a press release.

Nevertheless, the investigation is ongoing.

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The news lady on KSBY said ” It was determined that the powder wasn’t a chemical.” So, what was it?

I am waiting for someone to blame Adam Hill.

Funny headline!

It would have save allot of expense to just send it back.

Last year I ordered a pair of boots from Amazon. The next week I received a package addressed to me containing four pair of Tommy Bahama sunglasses, two pair of Vuarnet sunglasses, two pair of reading glasses, a childs toy electrical kit, and two bags of foam practice golf balls. The next day I received the boots. Upon contacting Amazon they had no record of the package or its contents. Truth is stranger than fiction.

And yet you didn’t call 911?

Well, if the press release said there is no danger, why on Earth is there an investigation to continue? Unless they mean, the recipient is dealing with Amazon for the mix-up…

It’s a double-edge sword, one the one hand, society loves a quick, responsive handling should real dangers pop up; on the other, we have to suffer through an excessive over-reaction to basically anything nobody knows much about.

Our collective high-horse is tiptoeing on pins and needles.

Blame the terrorists.

I really have to say that I appreciate you guys ending the article like that. I am constantly saying to myself, “there has GOT to be a point at which not even a reporter nor an editor can report on this kind of absurdity with a straight face.” I would really like to know if the cosmetic powder was “glitter.”