Lenny Jones facing more than14 years in prison

April 12, 2016
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones, Arroyo Grande’s 2014 Citizen of the Year, plead no contest last week to multiple counts of child molestation. He faces a minimum of 14 years, eight month in prison.

In March 2014, Jones was accused of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object and molesting two girls under 14 years of age and one girl under 10 years of age. The alleged molestations took place while the three girls were attending a birthday party at Jones’ home.

After investigators discovered explicit pictures of a 3-year-old boy on Jones’ computer, prosecutors added three additional charges; explicit photos of a child, exploitation of a minor and molesting a child.

Jones originally plead not guilty to all of the charges. Last week, he plead no contest to multiple charges related to child molestation.

On May 3, Jones is scheduled to be sentenced to at least 14 years and 8 months in prison.

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Arroyo Grande has not changed for decades. Why be surprised?

I’m beginning to wonder if there a prison just for Citizens Of The Year, maybe Lenny Jones will get to spend time with Kelly Gearhart.

Remember the toy “Stretch Armstrong”? Well, the boys in prison have a new one now, “Stretch Jones”.

Remember at the beginning of all this– Funke-Bilu said he’d show he was not guilty. Took the money and …………

Has he actually ever won a case?

Funke-Bilu also wanted an early court date so Lenny could clear his good name ASAP.

We can only hope Lenny paid a pretty penny for this deal, he deserves what’s coming to him.

If the clients are guilty as sin, as Lenny Jones was, Funke-Bilu isn’t going to be able to do much other than get a good plea deal.

Funke-Bilu’s record is generally good at getting plea agreements and acquittals when he has a shot. He didn’t have a chance with clients like Yanaga and Jones but they paid him so he stepped up to the plate.

The histrionics from Funke-Bilu tends to overshadow that he is a good criminal defense lawyer. But there are other long time criminal defense attorneys in SLO County who keep a lower profile that are just as good as Funke-Bilu. Jeff Stein is very well respected.

Lets hope for special Arroyo Grande section in prison, first resident Lenny, next Tony Ferraro, John Wallace, Tim Carmel, Steve Adams and many more, lets hope they need a whole block, come on D.A. Dow, do your job, when he doesn’t lets hope the FBI or CA state’s attorney come through.

Wallace and Big Tony all his buddies should be right there with Jones and Gearhart.

So sick of the rich in this county knowing they can have their way even when they have no integrity and are no good.

Statutes should be written so that punishment for child molesters should be administered by the families of the victims- and limited only by their imagination. It would be beneficial for the families in their healing process, and likely put an end to this behavior once and for all.

Oh now you get to go play with the big boys and their big toys.

Will Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce strip Jones of his “Citizen of the Year” status? Shameful it didn’t happen sooner.

Leave Lenny Jones in General Population at the prison!

Are the two people who downvoted this comment named Lenny Jones and Ed Arnold?