Paraglider gets tangled in Templeton power lines

April 15, 2016
Photo credit: Richard Bastian (newscruzer1)

Photo credit: Richard Bastian (newscruzer1)

A paraglider crashed into a power pole in Templeton and became tangled in power lines early Thursday afternoon. Emergency crews responded and rescued.

The paraglider was not electrocuted, but he did suffer injuries. His current condition is unclear.

The accident occurred west of Vineyard Drive and south of Highway 101. Cal Fire, Templeton firefighters, Atascadero firefighters and PG&E workers took part in the rescue.


Photo credit: Richard Bastian (newscruzer1)



  1. unlisted says:

    Let’s hope he pays for the full costs of being saved.

  2. obispan says:

    It was very windy Thursday afternoon, light gale force as predicted. WTF.

  3. Pelican1 says:

    When you were told to go fly a kite, this is not exactly what was meant.


    What a shocking story, his friends say he’s a real live wire and is amped half the time.

  5. r0y says:

    This just became an even MORE expensive hobby for this person…

  6. aft50s says:

    Lucky to be alive.

    • SanSimeonSam says:

      He is lucky to be alive only because good old Darwin was asleep at the wheel again. This guy should have to pay for the services. His stupidity put others at risk.

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