Pedestrian killed in collision with Santa Barbara officer

April 14, 2016

10847868_795112723887323_2892473632111320812_nAn off-duty Santa Barbara police lieutenant struck and killed a man who was walking in the fast lane on Highway 101 Tuesday night. The officer tried to avoid the collision, according to the California Highway Patrol. [KCOY]

At approximately 10:30 p.m., Lt. Ed Olsen, 51, was headed home in his own car after working a 10-hour shift. He was driving northbound on Highway 101 near the Turnpike Road off-ramp outside of Goleta when he crashed into Santa Barbara resident Daniel Martin Ramos, 34.

Ramos was pronounced dead at the scene.

CHP investigators have not determined why Ramos was walking on the highway at the time of the accident. Witnesses said they saw Ramos walking on both sides of the center divider.

Just prior to the crash, Olsen slammed on his brakes and veered to the left, according to the CHP. Olsen’s tires left skid marks on the highway.

The police lieutenant suffered minor injuries and was transported to Cottage Hospital. The collision dented the hood and smashed the windshield of Olsen’s car.

A CHP investigation is ongoing. Officials plan to conduct a toxicology report on the victim.

The CHP says there will be nothing unique about the investigative process despite a police officer being involved in the accident.

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Just another set of defective genes being removed from the gene pool.

If you play with matches, you might get burned.

If you walk on the freeway, you might get run over.

What driver would expect a human to be walking on the freeway?

I see people walking at night around town wearing dark clothing. At much lower speeds they are nearly invisible. What’s the deal?

My heart goes out to the driver in cases like this, they are victims as well.

Tragedy all around; however, technically the law reads that anything in the road is the driver’s responsibility to avoid… it sort of makes sense, but this obviously was a senseless thing to be doing (walking on the freeway).

Which law is that, Roy?