Politicians call foul over deceptive ads

April 13, 2016
Supervisor Salud Carbajal

Supervisor Salud Carbajal


Several Central Coast politicians are calling foul to this years barrage of deceptive political ads. In the race for Congress, a politician is accused of placing ads that exaggerate his accomplishments, while in the race for San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor, a candidate is accused of being dishonest in his attempts to smear an opponent.

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider is demanding that one of her opponents for California’s 24 Congressional District, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal, take down his “deceptive television ad.” Carbajal’s ad claims that as a supervisor he has balanced the county budget and protected tax dollars.

“Carbajal made sure our tax-dollars are spent wisely, balanced budgets, the largest rainy day fund in county history,” Carbajal’s ad says.

However, Santa Barbara County has almost $1 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and a growing stack of deferred maintenance and capital projects. Santa Barbara County spends more of its total revenue on pension contributions – 13.1 percent – then any other county in California.

Helene Schneider

Helene Schneider

“Salud Carbajal is telling voters outright untruths in his TV ad,” Schneider said. “Yesterday he said the county was in ‘a crisis,’ yet the television ad his campaign is airing says the opposite. Which is it, Salud? Have you protected tax-dollars and balanced the budget or is the county in crisis? You can’t have it both ways.”

In the contentious race for San Luis Obispo County’s District 3 supervisor seat, incumbent Adam Hill is running a developer-funded campaign that includes attack ads against one of his challengers, San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter. Carpenter said Hill’s ads include not only distortions, but “outright lies.”

For example, one of Hill’s ads says Carpenter supports the Phillips 66 oil spur project and rural sprawl, Carpenter is a Tea Party zealot and that as a councilman Carpenter does not serve on any regional boards.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

However, in Feb. 2015, Carpenter voted along with the rest of the San Luis Obispo City Council to send a letter to the SLO County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors opposing the rail spur. And with Hill present, at a recent Tribune interview, Carpenter again voiced his opposition to the rail spur.

In response to Hill’s claim that Carpenter supports rural sprawl, Carpenter said he supports the Ag Cluster Ordinance that sets aside significant open space by clustering homes, not rural sprawl.

As for regional boards, Carpenter is SLO City’s liaison to the SLO County Economic Vitality Corporation, alternate to the SLO County Resources Advisory Committee, LAFCO, Nacimiento Water Project, Paso Robles Groundwater Basin, Performing Arts Commission, Visit SLO County Advisory Committee, and the Whale Rock Commission.

“Tea Party Zealot, total lie, I have never had anything to do with the Tea Party,” Carpenter added.

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

In District 3, Hill faces two opponents in the June 7 primary – Carpenter and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson.

District 3, which includes Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and a portion of San Luis Obispo, has only 554 more Democrats than Republicans. Hill and Peterson are Democrats. Carpenter is not affiliated with a political party.

The 24th Congressional District consists of all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and part of Ventura County. Voter registration is 37 percent Democrat, 34 percent Republican and 23 percent decline to state.

Candidates in the 24th District race include Republicans Katcho Achadjian, Justin Fareed, Matt Kokkonen; Democrats Carbajal, Schneider, William Ostrander, Benjamin Lucas and Jeff Oshins; and independents Steve Isakson and John Ubersax.


We the voters have been yelling for years about deceptive politicians and nothing has changed and now we are suppose to be concerned when when of their own doesn’t like what that themselves have created and clearly not wanted to change.


Everyone in San Luis County should know that Adam Hill lies about almost everything. Every voter should know that he is corrupt and should not be re-elected under any circumstances!!!


still better than Carpenter


Note to all politicians..the public knows if your lips are moving you are lying, so don’t worry about the nuanced political ads.


It’s obvious that Dan Carpenter is Adam Hill’s big worry. Just hearing those radio ads he’s running tells you that much. Debbie Peterson’s a nice lady, I admire her work on the South County Sanitation District, but having listened to her speak at the forums, I don’t think she has a grasp of all the issues. It is definitely time for a change. I’m tired of Adam’s crazy antics at the board of supervisor meetings. I will be voting for Mr. Carpenter.

Kaiser Bill

The best outcome is for Hill to come in THIRD.

Hopefully there is a huge turnout due to the California Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries which spells the end of Hill. Will the Trumpets and Bernie Bros unite to show Adam he is over the Hill?


How interesting. You haven’t heard Debbie Peterson speak at forums because there have been no forums.


There was a forum in Avila Beach. Dan Carpenter and Debbie Peterson both answered questions from audience members.


We’re mincing words now. That was billed as a debate. The forums are yet to come.


why? he cares more about his own interests than that of the public.


These are the facts on Dan Carpenter’s palm card

Current & Past Council Representation

Integrated Waste Management Authority

Economic Vitality Corporation


Homeless Services Oversight

County Water Resources Advisory

Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Advisory

Performing Arts Center Facilities

Zone 9 Advisory

CMC Citizens Advisory


Planning Commission & Cultural Heritage Committee

Board Member & Finance Director – History Center

Board Member – Noor Foundation & Friends of Prado Day Center


Homeless Overflow Shelter – Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless

Camp Fire • Special Olympics


Boy Scouts of America/ National Eagle Scout Association

Chamber of Commerce San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach, Pismo Beach


After reading that I see how useless these people are. What are we paying them for? Like a list of volunteer committees. Ridiculous.


anti Cannabis drug war crusader ( antiquated dystopian fool )


Today, it seems the entire political landscape is foul. It’s a shame.


Jesus H Keyrist on a pogo-stick. Does NO ONE in the media know that District 3 also covers part of Arroyo Grande?!

Anyone with a press pass??

I’m starting to believe my own supervisor doesn’t know who my supervisor is, at this point.

just the facts

Dan Carpenter knows that parts of Arroyo Grande is in District 3. He and his dedicated volunteers have walked 12,000 households including those 3rd District precincts in Arroyo Grande. Believe me…Dan knows the entire district. Go Dan the Man! Vote Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor on or before June 7!


How about sending those dedicated volunteers up to Pismo Heights? The only guy we saw was some old, paid thug for Adam Hill-o-Beans.

Kaiser Bill

See Karen Velie’s email. Most parts of AG that are in District 3 are rural AG. There are AG addresses all the way from Huasna to the Mesa but none of these addresses are in the actual City of Arroyo Grande.

This is from the District 3 County Website:


The Third District includes 61% of the City of San Luis Obispo, the communities of Edna Valley and Avila, the City of Pismo Beach and the City of Grover Beach.

Looking at the Map, there are tiny amount of houses off Oak Park that fall into the City of AG and are also in the Third District. These are relatively new houses that were strawberry fields 20 years ago. Time to redraw the map?


That means that you cannot vote for City Council you only have county council which means you only have a supervisor.

The county of San Luis Obispo County picks up a name of a city for the Post Office. I live in county San Luis Obispo and in Edna Valley area but my Post Office is San Luis Obispo so I too only have ADAM HILL the worst supervisor next to Gibson.

Get the BULLY out vote Dan Carpenter in for 3rd District Supervisor and I may visit the 4th floor of the government center for the FIRST time.


I’m not so sure I would consider “Tea Party zealot” a bad thing at this point. I mean, anyone who zealously promotes responsible, limited government, taxation and spending vs. someone who does not? I know which I would prefer.


Hill is out. Why? I lost count.

Carpenter or Peterson? Hmmm. What do people think?


Three take-aways from the linked interview of all three candidates:

1) “Tension is running high in the race for the District 3 seat on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, with palpable animosity between at least two of the three candidates …”

2) “During the interviews, there was clear acrimony between Hill and Carpenter.”

3) “Both Carpenter and Hill chose Peterson’s dedication to the community as her positive trait.”

Do I want my representative to be known for fostering “palpable animosity” and “clear acrimony”, or do I want my representative to be lauded for their dedication to the community?

Of the three, I only ever see one actively involved at South County Sanitation District meetings and in attendance at Grover and Arroyo Grande city council meetings.

Of the three, I only ever see one at the private homes of other politicians and developers – not at any town hall meetings letting me know what is going on in my district.

Of the three, two have only popped up in the South County because it’s an election year.

Of the three, one knows south county issues as well as SLO issues and seriously, District 3 is comprised mostly of the 5Cities, ie south county.

There is a District 3 debate tomorrow evening, April 14th, at 655 Vetter Lane, Arroyo Grande – from 5 to 7pm.

Come check it out and make your own informed decision TaxMeAgain.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/politics-government/election/article71103242.html#storylink=cpy

Dan Carp

ajdury – April

Unfortunately, you continue to lump me in with Supervisor Hill to justify your support for Ms. Peterson. It’s not necessary!

“Of the three, two have only popped up in the South County because it’s an election year”

Really?…..you must be referring to my two opponents as I “popped up” in the south county as a young child over 62 years ago. I popped up at my uncle’s house when he lived on “Carpenter Canyon” road and was 4th District Supervisor in the 60’s & 70’s. I popped up at Lopez Dam in the late 60’s when my uncle would oversee the construction. I popped up in Squire Canyon as a child after my great-grandparents (Squire) settled that canyon and lived there most of their lives. I popped at Trinity Hall (the corner of Price Canyon and 227) as a child when my great-grandfather donated that property to his Portuguese community so they could have celebrations out there every year. I popped up in Avila Beach every summer as a child at my grandmother’s trailer. My ancestors popped up in the south county 150 years ago when they immigrated through Port Harford and settled in Squire Canyon and Edna Valley. They popped up as students at Santa Fe School (now Biddle Ranch Winery), and Independence School as a schoolteacher (now Baileyana Tasting Room) on Orcutt Road, and lived at Edna Ranch (now Edna Valley Winery). Is that enough because I could keep going on about myself and family popping up in the south county.

I’m currently on the city council in SLO and have been for six years. I represent the people in that city and have spent much of my time there as any good representative would for their constituents. I’m spending more time in the south county these days because I’m a candidate for 3rd District Supervisor and want people to know me before they make their choice for Supervisor.

And, when did you and your family “pop up” in the south county?


Well stated Dan, I know I have seen you in the south county and you called it correctly. ajdury supports Debbie Peterson and will bash you until the cows come home.

I could go on and on why I won’t support Debbie Peterson and why I think she should just step aside so we can get rid of Adam Hill, but Debbie needs this job and the money from it.

ajdury claims to be so involved yet I have not seen her at city council meetings until the last year, when she ‘popped on scene.

Good Luck Dan I hope to see you replace Adam Hill because in the end that is what needs to happen

debbie peterson

Not so swampfrogge. I do not need the job OR the money from it. Running my business is a far better financial proposition for me personally.


Dan, I truly hope you win, but I do have a slightly OT question for you.

I’m in North County and so I don’t get a vote in your election, although the troubles that Adam Hill has caused being 3rd District Supervisor surely have affected North County…

My question would be however how in the world could you have supported that million dollar boondoggle of an election that was the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Advisory???

First off(and this isn’t meant to be snarky) WHY did you feel that you belonging in the SOUTH County, should interfere with NORTH County concerns? Aren’t there enough water problems in the South county that you should spend your time on??

Second, and though I know you’re not on the board of supervisors yet, WHY wasn’t your position that the COUNTY was the one that should be protecting North County groundwater rights FROM the State?

North county doesn’t get very much bang for their tax buck, just look at the state of the county roads up here(or the stupidity of wanting to put a 5th bridge within 2 miles on the Estrella because it was “free!”, on a road that doesn’t get 10 vehicles a DAY!!), or the fact that if you need a SLO sheriff you’re going to have to wait on average 20 minutes for them to show…

South county gets the lion’s share, no doubt. But the only position any county supervisor should have is to protect county residents, and supporting the takeover of North County ground water rights fails that charge miserably!

Dan Carp

flicka47…..I did NOT support the million dollar boondoggle election. I have stated from the beginning that I felt all control should remain local with the County Flood Control & Water Conservation District as it has for the last 70+ years. There are other challenged basins in the county and a comprehensive plan to meet SGMA requirements should be implemented by your Board of Supervisors. I am in full support of protecting your water rights from the state.

Please refer to my website (DanCarpenterSupervisor.com)

Adam Hill on the other hand supported the district formation and now wants to turn it over to the state.




Usually the job of an elected official is to SERVE the interests of the public they were elected to REPRESENT…. not stand in the way of progress voters have selected time & time AGAIN; to serve your own clearly jaded & antiquated dystopian opinion. 55% of Voters in 1996 voted to allow Medical Marijuana to be grown and consumed by patients throughout the state; NO county has the right to supersede STATE LAW. We are GUARANTEED dispensaries. Time for you to update your opinion if you want ANY sort or political relevance whatsoever. Remember brother; this is California; we are getting MORE liberal :). The job of a politician is to SERVE. are you read yo SERVE; Dan? the Adults of tomorrow are very different from the adults of yesterday. Cannabis will most likely be legal next year; along with our President Sanders; who will continue to end the pathetic war on drugs. All eyes on you !

PS ( millennials are not baby boomers )

propaganda and lies won’t help you anymore. If you cannot SERVE the public; obviously Politics are not for you.

Kaiser Bill

Dan, you may have deep roots in the San Luis Obispo and Avila communities but if you knew ANYTHING about the South County would know that Edna and Avila are not part of the South County!

just the facts

Quotes from the Tribune article…fostering “palpable animosity” and “clear acrimony between Hill and Carpenter.” What does that really mean? That Dan Carpenter called out Adam Hill’s disrespectful behavior? That Dan does not tolerate this type of behavior and finds it totally unacceptable?. I say ENOUGH to all who put up with Hill’s bullying behavior! Hey…bullying is not acceptable in our schools, in the workplace, nor should it be acceptable on the dais of the Board of Supervisors. Thank you Dan for telling it like it is!


Well the trib is shoehorning for adam hill……


South county, south county, south county…….

Remember District 3 has rural areas all over it. North, South, East or West Adam Hill never goes and does anything but bully business owners and people with lots of $$$ and projects.

In the 3rd District you have 3 City Councils and if you are unhappy with what is going on in your SOUTH County you should be beating on Grover Beach City Council and Arroyo Grande City Council.

Adam does so little that he is a BAD Supervisor for the residents. He is happy to right off Pismo Beach because of it’s City Council and Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo City as well.

Adam does not really help anyone like you and I.

San Luis Obispo City Council is governing a Charter City and Dan’s experience there is very county like and he is the best person to not only beat Adam Hill but to win and for the first time we (I) will have representation. So will you ajdury.

Peterson is a wasted vote…get over it before it is too late and you can embrace Adam Hill again! Your choice.

Kaiser Bill

This post is so arrogrant and typifies someone from unhappy town.

The South County is much of District 3 and is usually represented by a schlub from unhappy town who doesn’t care about the South County, just like your post.

just the facts

Adam Hill is attacking Dan Carpenter constantly! He is threatened by Dan. Vote Dan the Man for #rd District Supervisor on or before June 7.

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