Thief targeting roadside stands on Huasna Road

April 13, 2016

12998577_10153595232378358_216482450075486202_nThe San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man who has been stealing money at night from roadside produce stands. The suspect has been targeting stands on Huasna Road in rural Arroyo Grande.

Investigators are circulating a photo of the suspect. He is described as a white man approximately 25 to 35 years old.

Detectives believe the suspect is associated with a silver Toyota quad cab with a license plate that begins 6M6. Authorities request that anyone who has information about the man call the sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4550 and refer to case number 1602-01625.



  1. JThackery says:

    Moved here a few years ago because of the lovely sense of community and safety. I suspect we will be moving away a few years from now because that feeling is fading fast, thanks to the multitude of disgusting people like this taking over.

  2. tictac1 says:

    Yes, they have a vaccine called “bureaucracy”. Sounds like the residents know the guy though? Should not be that hard to set up an Arlo camera and “teach him a lesson”. Obviously the people with the stand in the picture have a camera, they just need a bing-bong when it goes off.

  3. ccmom says:

    Theres is a Facebook thread about this guy right now where lots of Huasna residents claim he’s well known for causing havoc out there. Hopefully they catch him quickly!

  4. Rambunctious says:

    Why do they leave their money in the stand unprotected? Stupid is as stupid does. And the guy in the picture does not look white to me. Just sayin…

    • tictac1 says:

      Same reason the unmanned stand is there in the first place, TRUST in your community. Don’t worry, we’re getting rid of it, one new LA transplant at a time.

  5. r0y says:

    …if only we had access to some sort of license plate repository, you know, like a DMV database… I’d probably be able to narrow it down if I had, say, the first three letters/numbers of a plate…

    If only.

    • sloweb says:

      Clearly, you are infected with a severe case of common sense. The authorities are immune to such afflictions.

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