SLO County seeking sales tax increase

April 11, 2016

ca_trafficSan Luis Obispo County officials have endorsed a half-cent sales tax initiative that may appear on the November ballot. The aim of the sales tax measure is too reduce traffic congestion. [Tribune]

Last week, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments board voted 10-1 in favor of the tax increase. County Supervisor Debbie Arnold cast the lone dissenting vote. Supervisor Lynn Compton was absent for the vote.

The tax proposal would last nine years and raise approximately $25 million annually. Two thirds of voters would have to support the initiative in order for it to pass.

Ron De Carli, executive director of SLOCOG, said the agency is at a fiscal cliff because of low gas prices. State and federal transportation funding have decreased significantly in recent years because of low gas prices and the increasing popularity of fuel-efficient cars.

County officials say a new source of revenue is needed to reduce traffic congestion.

Congestion has long been a problem at rush hour on Highway 101 at the Shell Beach Straights. Alternative routes on Highway 227, Prado Road and Los Osos Valley Road are becoming backed up as well.

If the tax were to pass, the revenue would go toward widening roads, but also fixing potholes, improving bridge safety and improving bike paths, like the Bob Jones trail.

In order for the tax measure to qualify for the ballot, it must be approved by a majority of San Luis Obispo County cities and the county board of supervisors. SLOCOG officials say telephone polling currently puts support for the tax in the mid-60 percent range.


Proposed tax increase. Shocking!

Tax Freedom day for 2016 is estimated to be April 24th. Tax. That means every penny earned for each day we have worked since January 1st until a week from Sunday has been for the government.

114 days out of 365 (and counting).

Americans will collectively spend more on taxes in 2016 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.

Spend it wisely, please.


Oh, hell no! Absolutely not.

Gas will not remain low, either.


“Ron De Carli, executive director of SLOCOG, said the agency is at a fiscal cliff because of low gas prices”, try again Ron, the cliff is because of outrageous salaries, benefits and salaries.


I meant pensions

just the facts

Just received an email from the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA). Its Board of Directors recently voted to oppose the Self-Help County Tax Proposal for several reasons.

Suggest interested CCN readers check out the CCTA website and read its letter to SLOCOG President Jan Marx stating the reasons why!

As taxpayers, you should know that the Self-Help County Tax Proposal will, in all probability, make the November ballot. The real solution is for the State to prioritize

transportation funding for our roads…and not for a billion dollar bullet train!

Mr. Holly

There is a little hypocrisy here in that this organization also appears to support some local politicians who consistently vote for any and all pay raises, fees, taxes and whatever else they can get their hands on

SLOCOG is made up of politicians, with the exception of Debbie Arnold they all voted yes for this.

It will be fun to watch all of them start to squirm when the people start to revolt against the tax and them.


The people are stoopid enough to vote for it. Measure A passed due to their stoopidity. The funny part is that which says’ “…it will last nine years…” can anyone name the last time a tax that was “temporary” actually was allowed to expire and NOT become permanent.

Can we just get the revolution started already?!


Easy answer “NO”


Insanity !!!

How many tax increases can we endure … property tax increases, community college bond, school district bonds, local city tax increases which they always claim is to fix the roads. Its time to say ENOUGH !!!!!

At least Debbie Arnold gets it and is acting for the tax payers. Kudos to you, Debbie.

Several weeks ago the Cal Poly students voted down a proposed fee increase to support improvements at the student center. These young folks voted it down and we should follow their lead.

Mitch C

Have you ever known of a government agency that had enough money? I didn’t think so. Where is the analysis as to how much was received and how it was being spent? I am sure that if the current amount received was applied to the infrastructure problem efficiently, more than sufficient funds would be available to deal with the situation. I will use Kevin Rice’s comment when reflecting on the issue in a Tribune article:”. I’m conflicted on how to vote on this issue, I will vote NO or kiss my A$$”.


You have got to be kidding, we’d all be insane to give them more money to spend on raises and pensions, that is where it will end up one way or the other.

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