Unaccompanied children immigrating to California

April 19, 2016

immigrationImmigration experts say a surge in unaccompanied children may cross the border this summer and enter California. Many of them are destined for Los Angeles County and other locations in the state. [KPPC]

Nearly 70,000 children — infants through age 17 — arrived alone at the United States border in 2014, according to U.S. Border Patrol statistics. Most came from Central American countries.

The number of unaccompanied children arriving in the United States dropped significantly in 2015, but the pace has picked up this year. The 2016 numbers are higher than both the 2014 and 2015 numbers were at this point in the year, said Adam Hunter, director of the Immigration and the States Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In the current fiscal year, Los Angeles County has taken in nearly 1,500 unaccompanied children, the highest total among counties nationwide. The pace of arrivals tends to speed up during the summer months.

Authorities apprehend the children when they arrive, but many of them are released from federal shelters to sponsors — often relatives or connections who live in the United States. The children then rely on city and state services, like public schools, Hunter said. Sometimes it takes years to resolve their immigration cases.

California taxpayers are aiding some of the unaccompanied children with their legal battles. In 2014, California Gov. Jerry Brown allocated $3 million for legal nonprofits to help unaccompanied children with their immigration cases.


The pale face is getting what they deserve. They took my ancestors (Cherokee) off of the reservation and made the learn english. My wife fro Europe had to learn English on her own.She also had to take the test for citizenship in English as well write an essay in English.


Well, if our government (you–the taxpayer!) provides free education, free healthcare, free dental care, food stamps–oops! now it’s called EBT…

PLUS free shoes and clothing from charity groups PLUS housing subsidies PLUS driver’s licenses even if they’re not citizens…these children AND their families will keep on coming.

And if Hillary or Bernie are elected, the numbers streaming across our open border will increase dramatically.

Meanwhile, the quality of our once-admired public schools diminishes because many kids are illiterate with ZERO academic support at home. Also, despite Obamacare’s false promises, our healthcare costs continue to go UP not down, because we’re footing the bill for everyone else (legal or illegal) who can’t pay.

These illegal immigrants are smarter than we realize. Why wouldn’t they milk the system?! Our system is great if you’re not a U.S. citizen! Talk about an upside down world!


This mass immigration of children from Latin American countries is truly crippling to our country. I am sorry that it isn’t a politically correct thing to say, but it is simply true for multiple reasons.

1. Language. We are allowing to high of a percentage of Spanish speakers. Thus, it is becoming a requirement in California, and many other states, that in order to get a job it is becoming a requirement in many places to be SPANISH bilingual. They aren’t asking for ASL, Tagalot, Hmong bilingual; they are asking for SPANISH bilingual. That is a sign that one particular cross section of people are draining translation resources more than any other. ESL classes are offered in Spanish to English in virtually every town.

2. Resources. The argument is that undocumented/illegal aliens pay taxes. They technically do. Until tax time. And then they file taxes. My Spanish language skills are pretty good, and I have had women bring me tax forms with questions, letters from the IRS, you name it. I have read these forms and this is what I have seen: I have seen earned income tax refunds of $900 per kid. I have seen families file and get returns on children that do not live in the US. (They use XXX-XX-XXXX as a SSN and say they send money home and support over 50% of that kid’s income) If a mother is on cal works, they are allowed to draw benefits and keep their earned income credit and not have it count against their benefits. A father doesn’t have his tax return garnished if his “wife” and he are illegal but kids are not. How can the government or welfare without valid SSN’s? So, the dad keeps all money, mom and kids get all welfare, WIC, etc.

3. More free stuff. Last year, my daughter had a medical emergency. After insurance, we ended up with a $22,000 medical bill. ( I did negotiate with the hospital, I suggest everyone do this). In May of this year, while US taxpayers like you and I are paying off hospital bills, Illegal children 0-19 will now be given FREE Medi-cal. Yep, free insurance. While my war hero husband and I are paying off thousands of dollars in medical bills, we will also be paying for illegals to have the same care FOR FREE.

So when I see undocumented people in the grocery store with WIC vouchers, or in the ER with “abdominal pain” or “vomiting” (and their kid usually eating freaking Doritos while sitting there) getting FREE medical care when the problem is the shit food the tot is eating, NO I am not racist because you are a “Mexican”; I am angry because we are treating illegals breaking laws and sneaking in to the US better than our own people. Veterans who shoveled the body parts of their deceased brothers are being backlogged and their wives are forced to be their mental health therapists because we don’t have funds because we give the money to Doritos babies.



Josey Wales

They only come for a better life…at your expense.

End Sanctuary City.


More like Sanctuary Country. :(