Unaccompanied children immigrating to California

April 19, 2016

immigrationImmigration experts say a surge in unaccompanied children may cross the border this summer and enter California. Many of them are destined for Los Angeles County and other locations in the state. [KPPC]

Nearly 70,000 children — infants through age 17 — arrived alone at the United States border in 2014, according to U.S. Border Patrol statistics. Most came from Central American countries.

The number of unaccompanied children arriving in the United States dropped significantly in 2015, but the pace has picked up this year. The 2016 numbers are higher than both the 2014 and 2015 numbers were at this point in the year, said Adam Hunter, director of the Immigration and the States Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In the current fiscal year, Los Angeles County has taken in nearly 1,500 unaccompanied children, the highest total among counties nationwide. The pace of arrivals tends to speed up during the summer months.

Authorities apprehend the children when they arrive, but many of them are released from federal shelters to sponsors — often relatives or connections who live in the United States. The children then rely on city and state services, like public schools, Hunter said. Sometimes it takes years to resolve their immigration cases.

California taxpayers are aiding some of the unaccompanied children with their legal battles. In 2014, California Gov. Jerry Brown allocated $3 million for legal nonprofits to help unaccompanied children with their immigration cases.

Kaiser Bill

The unaccompanied invaders will get a nice American vacation before they are removed by the Deportation Force.


Are they coming via Mexico, I thought the Mexican Government were very strict about illegal entry into their Country. Do these children travel unaccompanied for the entire journey, or are they escorted to the US border and just dropped off. Time for our Government to change a few laws to protect these children, and send a strong message that these Children will not be allowed to stay. That they will be deported to their Country of origin. As stated they are released from shelters to sponsors. Once these sponsors show up it would be easy to find out where they originated from…

Horse Soldier had it right, the families send their children first and then ask to be reunited. Not the Children at blame, just shows how desperate these people are to get entry into the US. To risk the welfare of their children, I can not imagine what these innocent Children go through on that journey.


Who didn’t see this coming?

No one can make the argument that these kids are coming to work.

They’re coming for the goodies.

Where once the adults came to have anchor babies, now the anchors are coming first and the argument will then be that these kids need their parents. Rather than sending them home, the parents will be allowed entry to keep the family unit together.


I lived and was raised in California since 1965. I moved out and now live in beautiful Florida. I’m so glad i left. So sad what has become of my native state. So sad.

Vote Trump and get things right California. If you keep letting the Democrats give all the freebies away and never secure that border, then drugs will keep flowing and illegals will keep flowing and your $$ will keep flowing to them (freebies) all as well.

I devoted my entire adult life to caring and protecting that state, first right out of high school in the Conservation Corp, then 24 yrs in the Army National Guard. I was involved in the states, major earthquakes, fires, floods, and it pisses me off to see all the roads, bridges, and buildings and schools go to hell, yet the state continues to be a free for all to illegal aliens on the back of you tax payers.

Sorry if i pissed some of you off but damn it makes me upset.


A relatively simple solution….SEND THEM BACK!


According to marketwatch the percentage of Americans that pay no Federal Income Tax is now 45%.

What a disgrace this country is becoming under the politicians who wish to create and keep a permanent underclass majority so they can be elected by promising “free” stuff.

When that number increases to over 50% it’s all over.


The underclass needs to reminded who provides all that free stuff.. because its not them!!


Politicians vilify the “rich”. Pretty soon “rich” will mean anyone who has a job making more than minimum wage. Mark my words.


70,000 nails in the coffin are headed towards the once great state of California…this will be fun to watch our weak leaders usher them on in.


Where are their parents? and when can we expect them? and their grandparents and aunts and uncles?


and which one of our lucky politicians gets the privileged of taking them to the polls in November? aaaahhhh lots of questions with no answers.


This is exactly how you destroy a country and never fire one shot or drop one bomb…you do it so stealthily that nobody sees it until its too late

Rich in MB

Open Borders combined with a welfare handout State is the recipe for disaster for the tax payers. To be against the immigrant invasion these days is to be called a racist, so for get it. Ya’ll come and sign up for all the Government Free Services you want. Lets just let the system burn down as the Tax payers leave the State and are replaced with Tax takers.

Good luck folks because the writing is on the wall for those that can read English,

miles archer

“Read English”?

I know kids from other countries who speak better English than most American millenials that slaughter the language at every turn to suit their social media needs.


They are certainly not the one’s who are coming here by themselves across the border. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be spending billions of dollars to create every possible government form, website, telephone recording, and ballot in Spanish and English.

Kaiser Bill

Unfortunately, these kids from other countries who speak English well are usually from Europe and it is hard for Europeans to immigrate to the USA.

We have Mexican and Hispanic kids who have spent their whole life in this country and in American public schools and they can’t speak English


“We have Mexican and Hispanic kids who have spent their whole life in this country and in American public schools and they can’t speak English.”

No we don’t.



Yes we do. Here is the text of a note from my house cleaner yesterday. She’s in her 40s. “Is ok mi back 4 May”? She speaks no English and has raised her kids here.

Please note, I don’t exploit cheap migrant labor. She charges us $120 every time she shows up.. She will be surprised when I 1099 her this year, though. Ha ha.


Back in the note was spelled ” bakc ” -spellchecker corrected it