Dan Carpenter is the right choice

May 24, 2016
Leslie Halls

Leslie Halls


According to CalCoastNews, there is no clear favorite in the race for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, with nearly half of the prospective voters undecided just days before the election.

While the county government has a tremendous impact on our lives from water, housing developments, taxes and roads, to hospitals, jails, trash,  and much more, many people simply do not see this. Those five members of the Board of Supervisors make decisions that will impact this county forever. Who is up there really matters.

It is time for a change. We have a tried and true leader in Dan Carpenter, who has served the residents of San Luis Obispo very well. He has voted against the all-too-frequent lunacy of the city council, opposing the sales tax increase, opposing the rental inspection ordinance and many other meaningless, feel-good measures that cost money and accomplish nothing.

I have attended many SLO City Council meetings over the years, and Dan Carpenter has always been prepared and respectful, not at all given to long-winded speeches or histrionics when things don’t go his way.

We have tolerated the antics of our current supervisor long enough. We desperately need a statesman, not a showman, with a business background who truly cares about our county. Carpenter’s family has been here over 100 years – do you really think he is going to sell out to developers or anyone else, as Adam Hill and so many others have?

Dan Carpenter is the only independent running for this seat – he is not a Democrat (like the other two) nor a Republican. This makes it much harder to raise money when no political party is funding you, but it also makes one far more accountable to the general public. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Let’s elect a man of integrity, common sense, and a track record of listening to and acting on behalf of his constituents to the District 3 seat. Bring back respect, honesty, and fiscal accountability to the SLO County Board of Supervisors. Elect Dan Carpenter on June 7.

Leslie Halls lives and, until a recent retirement, worked in San Luis Obispo.


Kevin Rice reported last week that John Shoals had over 50 counts of election fraud. Had he run a clean campaign, Debbie Peterson probably would have won.

Debbie Peterson is honest and has worked her back side off for South County. She has attended supervisor meetings. Debbie knows the issues and she knows how to get things done. She has walked all precincts. Adam and Dan have NOT been to my home in Grover.

Debbie has has successful businesses that she sold. Dan lost his family business. He went BANKRUPT!!! Who is more trustworthy? Debbie is!

Debbie accomplished a LOT as mayor. She got the road repair tax (much needed) passed. The conference center was approved. We will have fiber optics because of Debbie’s effort. What has Shoals accomplished??

Debbie has worked hard to save the San District $1million/year.

Debbie is the best person for district 3 supervisor!

don the beachcomber

I agree. Debbie Peterson is the best choice.


I’m the first to admit it’s a hard choice this year between Mr. Carpenter and Ms. Peterson. Both hold themselves with dignity, not stooping to the level of the third candidate.

I have attended a couple of the public forums as well. Some complain that Ms. Peterson does not know the SLO area voters, but the same can be said for Mr. Carpenter when it comes to South County. It only makes sense.

My final vote will be for Debbie Peterson. She is always poised and prepared, with a friendly and lively attitude. (Mr. Carpenter appears low energy to me), Ms. Peterson’s track record as a council member and Mayor in Grover Beach has given her opportunity to gain the experience needed for our county. And, her extra efforts to try to clean up the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation Districts’ mess (no pun intended) shows that when she knows something needs to be fixed, she does her research and is not afraid to speak up to get the job done. She has put an extreme amount of hours into that issue, and it finally will see results.

Debbie Peterson is willing to move mountains! She deserves our vote.

just the facts

SLOBodan. Know that Dan Carpenter ‘has taken on’ and fought the progressives on the City Council of SLO.

He has stood up for taxpayers:

*speaking out and saying NO to the several increases in sales taxes

*speaking out and saying NO to the ridiculous increases in salaries, bonuses, and benefits for the city manager and city attorney

*speaking out and saying NO to the overreaching rental inspection ordinance!

*speaking out and saying NO to the proposed countywide sales tax

He will do the same on the Board of Supervisors and will stand up for the taxpayers.

I might add, the City of SLO makes up a great portion of the Third District and Dan Carpenter is very well know there do to his serving on the City Planning Commission, the City Council and on the boards of multiple non-profits. He is the present Vice-Mayor.

Peterson represented Grover Beach and was defeated in her re-election bid for Mayor. There are no guarantees that voters in the South County…Pismo Beach and Avila Beach know her any better than Carpenter.

Don’t confuse Carpenter’s calmness with low energy. We need calmness on the Board of Supervisors! Enough of the drama!

Vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor.


Well said and exactly right.


(This comment was in reference to SLOBodan.)


You hit the nail on the head here. Dan is the man!



Interesting focus…Ms. Halls is speaking of what she knows about her numerous experiences attending the city council meetings in her city of residence.

San Luis Obispo city is the only charter city in our county thus operates very similar to the governance of a county.

I too have no representation as I am not governed by a city but in the 3rd district. I too want Adam Hill gone.

Your choice is still for the 1/2 cent Self Help Sales Tax being pushed on the voters by SLOCOG and various cities because that is easy to just dip into our pockets instead of uniting and fighting the theft of our already collected tax dollars by Sacramento.

Your candidate said that we will not give this the Sacramento first but keep it here! Untrue all sales tax goes to State Tax Franchise Board (Sacramento) not us. Soooooooooo.

My point is that yes Dan Carpenter has been city council and has made most of his 6 years dedicated to that population is true as they elected him to do these things. He continuously asked to be on APCD and SLOCOG but Jan Marx BLOCKED his choice so Jan Marx and Adam Hill are two peas in a pod.

Dan Carpenter has been everywhere in this county talking to all people and learning about their concerns. Dan has stated publicly he will provide the representation you and I desire by meeting with us all on a regular basis.

ajdury only Dan Carpenter can beat the Bully……

Dan The Man


Dan’s a nice guy, but he shouldn’t be fool anyone claiming to be an independent.

He’s a republican just like Arnold and Peschong and Compton; which is fine — he should just admit it.

The deck is going to be stacked whether Carpenter wins or not because Peschong will win easy.

We’re going to get what we deserve here real quick.

You think there is development now? Rock Quarry’s everywhere — just you wait.


Adam Hill put into action along with Jan Marx 720 home at the Airport San Luis Obispo and they are DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer that one.

The honesty of a person is more important than the party they claim. Democrats have raped us financially and on their way to ruin this county with SMART growth and the stack and packing and NEVER FIXING roads because they HATE roads.

That is why Sacramento does not fix roads is because they want you in high rises and no cars right right right

We have had enough of this tyranny!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Carpenter is the only one that can tell the truth of the 3 3rd district candidates and will protect not take over our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is probably futile to argue with someone who is obviously taken in by the propaganda of one political side or the other, but here goes . . . .

A person can register as a Republican or a Democrat without being fully supportive of all the policies and official goals of the party. I think that this applies to both Debbie and Dan. Look at their respective positions on issues that affect us at the county level and judge accordingly.

Dan is at least as much a Republican as Debbie is a Democrat but neither label should affect an informed voter’s decision on whether they are suitable or not for the District 3 Supervisorial position. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the voters are not informed and that does make a difference. District 3 is a majority Democrat district and it will be VERY difficult for a Conservative/Republican to get elected here. (This is probably the main reason Dan is not a registered Republican.)

Either Debbie or Dan would be an improvement over Adam Hill. Debbie is more electable in THIS district.

just thinking

Well, it would make Dee happy if Dan won (reference: Dee Torres-Hill rips nonprofit volunteer at fundraiser).


Well said Leslie….and you should replace him on the City Council where a reasoned, sensible voice is desperately needed there too!!

It would be great if Dan is elected on the primary vote as that would really tell Hill that his political life is dead in this county. Maybe he’ll go back to New Jersey as I don’t think Poly wants him back there either.

Jon Tatro

His vote against unconstitutional searches of rental properties and stance against the corrupt Mayor dipshit Marx convinced me to support him.


I do truly hope you widen your focus to ALL D3 issues, Jon Tatro.

It is great that Dan’s vote on this one isolated issue helps you think of bigger issues but, truth be told, that one vote is just a tee-tiny drop in the bigger pool of ALL District 3 concerns.

Let’s all work to dial back and look at our ENTIRE district. We need someone who knows and has been involved at every level of ALL D3 concerns.

Adam Hill does not show up to anything that is not a publicity opportunity.

Dan Carpenter knows SLO. He knows nothing about the other 75% of the district he wants to represent.

Debbie Peterson has been slaying the dragon for YEARS down here, in the hinterlands of the South County. She has also been going to SLO, for (again) years, to represent our area to that region.

Dan? Have not seen him at all, but what the eff do I know? I’m a nobody. I’m not Those People in his circle. Adam? I might as well rub shoulders with my dog, to curry favor and be on THE list, for time with my current Supervisor.

It is a crying shame how broken out government is. To share a colloquialism, it is tore up, from the floor up.