Templeton tap water turns brown

May 24, 2016

tap-waterThe tap water turned brown in some Templeton homes Sunday evening. Community Service District officials say a firefighting exercise stirred up sediment at the bottom of a pipeline, causing the discoloration. Yet, that posed no health risk, according to the CSD. [KSBY]

Earlier Sunday, Templeton firefighters conducted a training exercise at a facility on Creekside Ranch Road. The exercise involved use of a fire hydrant. Just 30 seconds of water flow from the hydrant agitated the sediment and caused water to turn a little brown at nearby homes, Templeton CSD General Manager Briletz said.

Briletz also said the CSD has not flushed the water lines since 2013. CSD workers have refrained from doing so in order to conserve water, he said.

Water remained murky and brown in some Templeton homes Monday morning and returned to the normal color later in the day.


The entire state is turning brown…what’s the big deal?


The statement made by Templeton CSD general manager Jeff Briletz that the water was safe is beyond comprehension.

A more appropriate response should have been an emergency notice to all residents to immediately stop using the water and immediate steps to mitigate the problem.

Am I to understand that brown water is OK? Are there not any filters at all?

The citizens of Templeton should demand Briletz’s resignation and file a class action lawsuit against the Templeton CSD.

Remember they said brown water was OK in Flint Michigan.


You “SHOOT THE MESSENGER” know not what you are writing about.

Routine flushing activities were deferred due to the drought. Any sediment that accumulates lies at the bottom of the existing pipeline until it is flushed with a scouring velocity is safe and chlorinated. Normally this maintenance activity occurs every other year or more often if the source water has a heavy sediment load (like a stream).

You’ve been drinking this safe reliable water for years I’m sure. The fire flow just stirred up a bit of sediment and you are reacting like it is a health hazard and polluted. I’ve got news for you, this is in almost all tap water 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Ask your water purveyor for the system CCR.



States that “I know not what I am writing about”.

Is ‘sediment’ not a pollutant of some sort.

And if it is in such high concentrations that it turns the water brown then is it not acceptable.

So if ‘brown’ water is so great then….

have your infants, kids, and elder grandparents drink it freely

fill your tub, spa and pool with it

cook your pasta, soups and stews in it

feed it to your pets and live stock

great for ice cubes

even better to brush your teeth with

perhaps to wash out a wound

take a bath in it and wash your hair

use it in your car radiator

wash your clothes in it

I am sure there are small amounts of sediment in tap water but NOT to the point the water turns BROWN.