Debbie Peterson’s priorities for District 3

May 29, 2016
Debbie Peterson 11

Debbie Peterson


San Luis Obispo County faces complex challenges.  It will take all of us to make  good decisions on development, water, affordable housing, homelessness, oil trains, oil company expansion in Price Canyon, repair to the Avila pier, roads, traffic and parking, a coastal marine sanctuary, head of household jobs, and our long-term post Diablo economy.

As mayor of Grover Beach, I faced up to many of these issues. In response to the community’s wishes, I achieved the following in my two years in office:

·         Ensuring that our 40-year beachfront hotel and conference center was approved by the Coastal Commission, a process I worked on for 10 years while also a planning commissioner and city council member

·         Signing the contract to create a fiber optic network to connect our region to one of the fastest and broadest digital networks in the world, and the best in the state.

·        A  20-year plan and voter-approved bond for much-needed street repairs.

·         Reorganization of the South SLO County Sanitation District, saving taxpayers over $1 million a year and paving the way for long overdue statutory upgrades and future water reclamation.

·         First South County water workshop to understand our watershed in order to ensure the best possible future decisions, knowing that problems were imminent.

·         Annual tourism summits for Five Cities tourism providers to work together to improve marketing efforts.

·         Calling on the SLO Air Pollution Control District to mitigate, not litigate – to focus resources on mitigation, rather than create the legislation that has ended in millions of dollars of legal fees and staff time.

I have been an outspoken advocate of the property rights of our farmers and preserving Proposition 13 for both homeowners and businesses. I was the first candidate who came out actively last summer to champion the water rights of both North and South County residents.

While on the City Council I met twice with current Supervisor Adam Hill to ask him to modify his divisive behavior and strong arm tactics against those who do not share his views. Later, as mayor of Grover Beach I advised him that while I may share his political persuasion I would not support his ongoing problematic outbursts and voted accordingly for a less contentious style of leadership on two local boards.

I was the first candidate to stand up to Adam Hill when I announced my candidacy for his seat in March 2015. I support the expression of diverse viewpoints and understanding of the concerns of all community members. We cannot represent you if we do not know your views and your concerns. While I believe that elected representatives should observe civil discourse, I heartily embrace the importance of questioning the status quo and your right to speak boldly so that we can arrive at the best decisions with all views aired.

I was the first candidate to support the public mandate that Wild Cherry Canyon remain undeveloped. I support protecting Price Canyon and I support the Airport Land Use Commission opposition to building homes in the airport flight path.

Over the past 15 months I have personally knocked on 8,000 doors and attended most of the Board of Supervisor and County Planning commission meetings. I have spoken in many of these meetings because almost unanimously, District 3 residents, regardless of political persuasion, want the Board of Supervisors  to stop approving major development until we secure a sustainable water supply, and adequate roads and parking for existing residents and visitors.

I support the position of Cal Fire on public safety, that in the event of a wildfire or other emergency we could not effectively evacuate residents or bring in emergency vehicles in communities like Avila Beach if large projects continue to be approved.

Unlike the other candidates in this race, I neither solicit nor accept contributions from large developers, nor do I maintain silence in the face of the dysfunction of our special districts and boards. I have been there, in the meetings, speaking proactively about your concerns regarding public safety, infrastructure and accountability.

I am also the only candidate with a proven track record of building and growing successful businesses both at home and abroad. I recognize the frustrations caused by complicated governmental processes and regulations. I understand the complexities of dealing with often entrenched government culture.

It really comes down to knowing who we serve and having the courage and commitment to do so.

Other candidates may talk about leadership, but it doesn’t count unless you’re walking the walk as well as talking the talk. I have been there, fighting for the interests and needs of SLO and South County voters for years, while others have pursued personal agendas and photo ops with the right people in the right places.

As District 3 supervisor, I will work to ensure that policies are based on the best interests of the entire community and are made in a collaborative manner worthy of the trust the voters place in me. I will strive for transparency and full accountability at all levels of local government to ensure taxpayers receive the services they need and are paying for. I would be honored to have your vote.

Find out more at or contact me at 550-4490 or

Debbie Peterson is the former Mayor of Grover Beach and a candidate for District 3 Supervisor in the June 7 primary.


Let me more succinctly explain the priorities of this and any politician.

Enrich herself through acquisition of money and power

Sell her vote to those who gave her money to be in office

Confiscate more of our property and restrict more of our liberties.


one of the fastest fiber optics, Debbie only to 2 countries you leave that out time and time again.

The hotel who now does not want to pay for the conference room so that will be the people paying for that,

First to stand up to Adam Hill,I would like to see you prove that!

You don’t take money from big contributors, no you have paid for your own campaign. I don’t see where Dan has big contributors, get your facts straight.

This seems to be ME< ME <ME< ME, aren't I great, I saved the world. You were one of 5 on the council, but you give them NO CREDIT. You agree with Cal fire big hurray for you.

YOU want to raise OUR taxes a 1/2 cent, why not fight for the gas tax they took from us. Why not hold higher officials responsible???

I sure don't hear you standing up to mayor shoals and he takes the Sanitation district to the cleaners in legal fees, and he won't appoint and alternate, and he seems fine with Mary Lucey bashing the public, where are you on any of that stuff,

The high speed rail, you dance all over the place instead of answering if you support it.

Dan Carpenter D3

Mike Byrd

Actually, Debbie has been at most sanitation district meetings fighting to stop the litigation. All you have to do is attend the meetings or watch the tape and you would have been able to answer your own question. A couple of weeks ago she even led a small delegation of rate payers to the water quality control board meeting seeking to resolve it from that end. To denigrate her bonafides on this or any other major issue is just plain contrary to the facts.


why is she not working with Shoals or Lucey to try to get them to stop the lawsuit?

What took her so damn long to go to the water quality board, it is only because Shoals was going.

Mike you are a spineless fence sitter IMO. You comment here, but never at any meetings. In fact you are never even at any meetings that I see.


The SSLOCSD is involved in the lawsuit because The Wallace Group put them in that position. The reason the lawsuit has taken so long is because the State Water Board has a strong hand to play in the lawsuit, and Shoals is one of the “leaders” who assumes the longer the lawsuit continues the more likely the Wallace Group (with his help) will weasel their way out of their responsibilities to ratepayers.

Shoals is part of the problem. Study the issue more fully, and you will understand.

Debbie Peterson is willing to dig into issues and expand the discussion while finding consensus. Carpenter supporters are doing their candidate a huge disservice by expecting his (and our) 100% compliance. Carpenter supporters have made their candidate look like a spineless jellyfish, which I don’t think he is. But, the question remains, “Which Dan Carpenter could emerge as the next Supervisor”? The listening Dan Carpenter, the logical Dan Carpenter, or the “just doing as they say” Dan Carpenter?

just the facts

Below is info taken from the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) reports for the Debbie Peterson and Dan Carpenter campaigns:

Debbie Peterson

$90,568 2015/2016 Total Contributions

$35,453 Cash Contributions

$35,368 Loans Received from candidate (debt)

$19,747 In Kind

Dan Carpenter

$91,705 2015/2016 Total Contributions

$69,955 Cash Contributions

0 Loans Received from candidate (debt)

$21,750 In Kind

Interesting to note that approximately a third of Peterson’s dollars are from her own campaign debt…a very hefty amount of debt for a county supervisor race!

Also it is interesting to note that Peter Keith of Century Properties is her largest donor contributing $8,225.00 which is approximately a fourth of her cash contributions.

Always interesting to check out the FPPC reports!


I’d suggest you get YOUR facts straight, just the facts. . Peter Keith is a sole individual who likes to support candidates he believes in. He owns his own investments, and is not a “big developer” in town.

He HAS had the opportunity to work alongside Ms Peterson, which in my opinion allows him the right to support her. The fact that he has invested so much money to help her advertise to her voters speaks loudly to me that he believes Ms. Peterson would be the best candidate.

Your posting showing the cash contributions does not say anything about who had made these donations. We all know that Adam Hill is receiving big bucks from developers who want favors later on. I’d like to know how many are also supporting Mr. Carpenter? Can you break that down for your argument? My guess is that is why you did not itemize it for all to see. I doubt Ms. Peterson has received any money from the big guys.


I do not know Hill or Carpenter except by reputations – but I do know Debbie. And I know this about her: She is very intelligent, sensitive and aggressive regarding the facts. She would be an outstanding Supervisor for the 3rd District. Carpenter would be wise to accede and confirm her candidacy. Hill would be terrified.

just the facts

Sorry Otis! Hill is terrified of Dan Carpenter! Note…Hill has only attacked Dan Carpenter with weeks of radio ads and several mailers! Hill never, never mentions Peterson.


“Ms. Peterson’s positions are to support the 1/2 cent Self Help County Sales Tax”

If I agreed with her on EVERYTHING else, this issue alone would be enough to make me withdraw my support. For this reason, Carpenter D3, Arnold D5, and Peschong D1…they are the only ones in their respective races who are on the correct side of this issue.

don the beachcomber

Way to go, Debbie!


aren’t you Debbie campaign manager Don the beachcomber?


So what? For all we know, YOU can be Dan Carpenter!


I could be but I am not.


Grover voters made a huge mistake when they re-elected John Shoals.

Ms Peterson has worked to shine the light on local corruption.

Shoals is a big part of the problem, he’s not part of the solution.


All that may be true but the fact that Debbie P lost the Mayor’s race is why when you are fighting another dirty dog – Adam Hill, Debbie P will have the same Cabal working against her including John Shoals who will want Debbie P to be a two time looser to protect his Mayorship.

If Debbie P had won and was now Mayor of Grover Beach then she would have a chance.


1. She lost as Mayor to the Hill – Shoals Cabal

2. Grover Beach is small compared to San Luis Obispo City population.

3. Dan Carpenter is a sitting city council member of SLO and currently vice-Mayor.

4. Debbie P is for the 1/2 cent Self Help County Sales Tax

5. Dan Carpenter is against the 1/2 cent Self Help County Sales Tax.

6. Dan is a sponsor the Central Coast Taxpayers Association to protect residents from excessive taxation.

7. Adam Hill was instrumental in removing Debbie P from the APCD board. He fought against her and spoke against her at her city council meeting while she presided as Mayor.

Adam Hill already knows he can beat Debbie P that is why he only focuses on Dan Carpenter.

Yes, to get Hill out it will take Dan Carpenter and his supporters!

Go Dan Go!!!!!!!


Ms. Peterson’s positions are to support the 1/2 cent Self Help County Sales Tax. Ms. Peterson and Adam Hill share this desire to raise taxes on hard working residents.

Dan Carpenter is the only candidate that opposes this tax. In fact Dan Carpenter is a sponsor of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association fighting to protect proposition 13.

Vote for Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor and thank you if you already did so…


It is time to change the board of supervisors from cleaning us out financially and Dan really is the only one that gets it.

This sales tax idea is HUGE and does not recognize that we have already been raped for $$$$ that the state took and will not give back unless you eat _ _ _ _ and agree to things that we the people do not want to agree to just to get our own $$$$ back.

Ms. Peterson what is your plan to STOP Sacramento from raping us one more time? Oh that is right you are for giving our $$$ to them.

Mr. Holly

I must remind everyone that even though Grover Beach has made some advancements there is always more than one person who gets it done.

All local city councils are made up of 5 council members and the mayor is usually the “spokesperson” for the city. At times there are some mayor’s who use this position for their political gain and take credit for all the good things that happen in their city.

I’m sure that Ms. Peterson has done well but let’s not forget the other four on a council who form a majority to really make things happen.


True to some degree — but on several issues she has listed, she led the action and in at least one case (the APCD controversy), there would likely have been nothing done without her leadership. Similarly, the SSLOCSD cleanup was due primarily to her efforts in combination with AG Mayor Jim Hill. Others contributed (some quite a bit) but without the two of them pushing, nothing would have happened. That is why I support her for 3rd District supervisor.