Lopez Lake getting low again

May 31, 2016
Lopez lake

Lopez lake

Despite the recent El Nino rains, park rangers are preparing to kick boaters out of Lopez Lake. The boat ramp at the lake will close in about four weeks. [KSBY]

Lopez Lake is currently at 28.8 percent capacity, according to San Luis Obispo County water data. The Lake was at about 37 percent capacity one year ago.

By the end of 2015, Lopez lake fell to 28 percent capacity. Water levels rose during the recent rainy season, but not my much. In March, Lopez Lake was just below 30 percent capacity.

Park rangers say the water level is currently at an historic low. About 80 feet of shoreline is now exposed, and some areas have dried out completely.

Ranger Glenn Simpson said it is doubtful the boat ramp will be open during the busy July 4 weekend.

When the boat ramp closes, canoeing, kayaking and fishing will still be permitted in the lake.

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And to think the idiot public works director a few months back said drought conditions are over and lake levels are rising fast – no worries. Well, worry folks as conservation measures increase so will water rates.

They are playing us like a fiddle over this drought issue. That alone should cause a house cleaning but I ask when will they do their job and find the state a new water source? That should be priority one in this up coming election.