Man accused of adopting dog, then killing it

May 25, 2016


A man adopted a two-year-old chihuahua named Floyd from the Santa Barbara County animal shelter, then killed the dog, animal rescue activists say. The chihuahua was kicked, strangled and possibly drowned, according to the Animal Rescue Team, a Santa Ynez Valley nonprofit. [KCOY]

Four weeks after the dog was adopted, investigators found the remains of the chihuahua in a yard in Goleta. An anonymous tip led to the investigation, said Julia di Sieno, of the Animal Rescue Team.

The witness said the dog appeared to be afraid of its owner prior to its death. Another person reported hearing the dog whimpering, di Sieno said.

Volunteers for Santa Barbara County Animal Services say a good Samaritan helped a young man adopt the dog. The man could not afford the adoption fees.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office says it is looking into the incident. Sheriff’s officials did not name a suspect.

Kaiser Bill

Put this guy on a prison work detail with Lenny Jones. Make sure the work detail is under the control of some bad dudes like the Aryan Brotherhood or the Mexican Mafia.


The guy should be made available as a practice dummy for boxers and mixed martial artists with an admissions charge for spectators that goes to fund animal services.


If there is a GOD, then this would be the perfect time to have him (or her) to mete out the punishment for the low-life, scum that would do this to a helpless animal.

I truly hope this sub-human is found and given all of the punishment he has earned by this vile act.

Black Copter Pilot

“Potentially murdered”



Karma’s a bitch! Rest in Peace little one. Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

Jorge Estrada

In his dog heaven, a hot dusty little town, Floyd will have the run of his very own street corner. While chasing those who unknowingly wandered into to his franchise and biting at their ankles just to make them run faster, they drop a bag of something to good eat. This life will never be boring for Floyd, standing at attention, on his very own street corner, waiting for the next pair of shoes to shuffle by.


That is one sick SOB.


What a lovely animal. If he were alive I would take him in a heartbeat and cherish him for 20 years.

The good samaritan screwed up. If someone cannot afford adoption fees they cannot afford to have a companion. This was a perfect storm for a helpless critter, I’m on fire.

I would suggest an eye for an eye for the killer, and some consequences for the idiot who enabled this disaster.


Suitability for pet ownership is not related to financial status. I know of numerous homeless people that are good pet owners — and yes, there are a very few that are not. There are also pet owners that are financially well off that are at least negligent and a few abusive. I suspect that the person in this case has significant mental health problems but I don’t know how one could realistically check for that before allowing adoption with or without a subsidy.

If the adoption fees were insignificant (<$20?), then maybe your argument would hold. However, when fees get to $100+, it does make it hard for those on a very tight budget to afford adoption.


Kill a human because they killed a dog? Really? That’s truly screwed-up thinking. No matter how sicko a person might be, elevating an animal to the dignity of a human (or lowering a human to the level of an animal) is absolute nonsense. Nasty nonsense at that.


What makes you think you are better than this poor little creature?? You are a JERK!!


He should have to do community service at a dog shelter cleaning out the kennels for at least a year on top of any other punishment. This is just horrible.


Nope. I say we keep this clown away from dogs…


I agree cleaning the kennels with his bare hands!


How incredibly sad.