Person killed in head-on Highway 1 crash

May 26, 2016

ambulance 4One person died Wednesday in a head-on collision on Highway 1 near Piedras Blancas. Four other people were injured in the crash, two of whom suffered major injuries.

The collision occurred around 2:30 p.m. One car crossed the yellow line and collided with a vehicle heading the opposite direction, according to the CHP.

It is unclear what caused the car to cross the yellow line. CHP officers are still investigating the crash.

Following the crash, authorities closed a section of Highway 1 and reopened it around 4 p.m.


On the contrary, I am both of those. Also, crashes in that area have been caused by the very thing I mentioned. What is so wrong with speculating that this one had the same cause?


Probably a British tourist trying to get back on the correct[for them] side of the road.


You’re neither cute nor funny.