Sam Blakeslee endorses Debbie Arnold for supervisor

May 14, 2016

Sam Blakeslee – photo by Dennis Eamon Young

Endorsement by Sam Blakeslee

“As Supervisor, Debbie Arnold has thoughtfully supported policies that help create jobs right here in our community,” Sam Blakeslee said. “She understands the challenges facing working families and is not afraid to advocate for those who don’t have a voice in government.”

An accomplished innovator and local business owner, Sam Blakeslee was elected to the State Assembly in 2004, where he was later chosen by his peers to serve as the California State Assembly Minority Leader. As a state legislator, Blakeslee was an integral leader on agricultural issues, education reform, job creation, and government accountability.

In addition, Blakeslee is the founding Director of the Institute for Advanced Technology & Public Policy at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

As a businesswoman and community leader, Arnold has provided a voice for the region’s small business owners. Before serving on the county board, Debbie Arnold spent nearly two decades as the owner and operator of Small Wonders Preschool in Atascadero. Debbie and her husband, Steve, own and operate a local farming and ranching business; something their families have been doing for over 100 years.

In addition to her time spent on the family ranch, Debbie has volunteered with numerous organizations and provides leadership for committees such as the Community Action Partnership of SLO, Integrated Waste Management Authority, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, The Community Link, Latino Outreach Council, and the Regional Transportation Authority.

Arnold lives in the Pozo area with her husband, Steve. They are proud grandparents of four.

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This is news? Sam’s a Republican. Debbie’s a Republican. The other guy’s not. Big deal.

2017 San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:– The Dream Team:

John Peschong

Dan Carpenter

Lynn Compton

Debbie Arnold

Let’s do it! Vote Peschong, Carpenter and Arnold on or before June 7th!

By Stephen Frank on May 13, 2016 08:07 pm

Taxes are going up. Environmentalists are killing jobs—tax codes are sending jobs to other nations. Obama has decided to put boys into the girls bathroom, on a whim. Affordable housing advocate are raising the price of market priced housing. Fanatics are closing traffic lanes, killing small business to assure bicycles can take over the roads—without […]

Read More and Comment: Pew study: Shrinking middle class in cities across America


Vote responsibly VOTE for the only ones that oppose the ½ cent County Wide Sales Tax that will become the next lie Sacramento tells about how they kept this money too!

Debbie Arnold opposes self help taxation

John Peschong opposes self help taxation

Dan Carpenter opposes self help taxation

In your districts make sure your friends vote for one of these and support the rest as it is time for a NEW DIRECTION as Steve Franks says.

Remember one things Bruce Gibson moves the lips of Adam Hill and it is time for the master and his puppet to retire.

Bruce baby the Dream Team is coming and you should have run for Lois Capps seat before you get neutralized!!!!!

I fully agree. The truth is in who supports the new sales tax proposal. Kelly in Atascadero has voted consistently no on tax increases and fee increases. Very sad that out of all the politicians in this county that there are only 4 elected officials who have the courage to say enough is enough. Now it’s up to the voters.

This role call will bring San Luis Obispo County back to reason most live here.

Even if you disagree with Arnold’s views, you have to admit that she’s honest, hard-working and polite.

Unlike the arrogant duo of Hill and Gibson, Supervisor Arnold respects her constituents. She listens to citizens at public comment and doesn’t play on her ipad, roll her eyes or make condescending remarks.

When Harry Ovitt left after 20 years as a Supervisor, he laughed and said now Frank Mecham has to contend with Adam Hill. Ovitt must have known something the voters the rest of us weren’t aware of!

I have a feeling the Board of Supervisors will improve once Hill is gone and Gibson is isolated.