Students honored at Templeton American Legion ceremony

May 3, 2016

Award photo

The Templeton American Legion Post 122 honored eight North County students last week who excelled in a patriotism writing contest.

Fourth-grade students were asked to submit essays about why we stand for the American flag. Prizes included $25 for first place, $15 for second place and $10 for third place.

Three American Legion members judged the essays on patriotism and writing abilities.

While schools throughout the North County were invited to participate, several teachers chose not to because of their objection to promoting patriotism or a lack of time.

Honored during the event:

North County Christian School students in teacher Ivan Ellna’s class:
First place – Karlie Erskine
Second place – Kaleb Powers

Pat Butler Elementary School students in teacher Toni Wiebe’s class:
First place – Yaretzi Garibay
Second place – Issac Townsend
Third place – Josh Juarez

Pat Butler Elementary School students in teacher Suzanne William’s class:
First place – Shyler McEntire
Second place – Wyatt Haley
Third place – Natalie Herrera

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In the workplace, excellent writing skills are one of the most valuable, career-enhancing skills that an individual can ever hope to have.

In contrast to the excellence demonstrated by these students, most products of the government schools are barely literate failures.

Congratulations to the student and teachers who participated.

Brickbats to teachers who object to promoting patriotism.

I don’t have a problem with “patriotism” when it refers to loyalty to the US Constitution and the principles behind it. However, too often “patriotism” is used to refer to blind loyalty to the people in charge of the country and whatever agenda they are currently promoting. Be patriotic but think hard about what that implies.