Arroyo Grande council votes to reverse medical marijuana ban

June 16, 2016

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentLess than five months after the Arroyo Grande City Council adopted an ordinance banning medical marijuana cultivation and deliveries, council members voted to allow patients to grow cannabis in the city.

Faced with a new state law, cities and counties in California had until March to adopt ordinances relating to marijuana sales and cultivation or cede control of the matter to state officials. Several cities in the county rushed to pass ordinances. Arroyo Grande adopted its marijuana cultivation ban in January.

During the January meeting, Council Member Kristen Barneich said patients could drive to a parking lot in Pismo Beach to get deliveries. A comment later condemned by the audience.

Then in February, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill repealing the state deadline. Some cities have since initiated the process of repealing their ordinances.

On Tuesday, the Arroyo Grande council voted in favor of an ordinance that will allow limited cultivation of marijuana. Patients will only be allowed to grow plants in detached single-family homes. Additionally, cultivation in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and occupied bedrooms will be prohibited.

The ordinance also permits medical marijuana deliveries. City officials will issue marijuana delivery permits to up to three mobile dispensaries.

Delivery service drivers must be at least 21 years old, and they will be subject to background checks by Arroyo Grande police. Drivers can only deliver medical marijuana to patients’ homes.

City officials will also oversee the mobile dispensaries’ safety procedures, record-keeping, product quality and insurance.

Arroyo Grande banned both mobile and brick-and-mortar dispensaries in 2008. On Tuesday, multiple council members said they would consider lifting the ban on brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Councilman Tim Brown said he wants to wait until the conclusion of the November election to see if California voters legalize recreational marijuana.

Council members changed their mind on medical marijuana prohibition, in part, due to city residents speaking out against the recently adopted ban. Several supporters of medical marijuana spoke during a March council meeting. One of the speakers was Arroyo Grande resident Devin Ward, an ALS patient.

On Tuesday , former Arroyo Grande councilwoman and county supervisor Caren Ray spoke in favor of reversing the bans. Ray was a member of the council when it banned mobile dispensaries. She said Tuesday that vote was a mistake and society has caught up with that point.

A second reading of the new ordinance will occur on June 28. If the council adopts the ordinance, the new regulations will take affect 30 days later.


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I am aware of many hospice patients who opt for medical marijuana due to the fact it keeps their appetite for food going–and also because it is not as sedating as heavier medications. This allows them to enjoy more time with loved ones before they pass on.

In the infamous words of Jeff Spicolli…”awesome…totally awesome!”

It’s legal here, there are 5 brick and mortar dispensaries in my town. The town didn’t burn down, crime did not go up, City revenues are expected to soar.

Now those brain dead idiots in Pismo might figure it out.

“City officials will also oversee the mobile dispensaries’ safety procedures, record-keeping, product quality and insurance.”

So will they be selecting dispensaries/deliveries with the dankest shit?

Ha, ha! Good point! :/

City officials “overseeing product quality” of mobile dispensary’s products? That explains a lot. Only three mobile dispensaries allowed? Which three… The one’s with the biggest donations to city AG council re-election campaigns? They sure pulled that number out of their you-know-whats.

Obviously, you don’t watch or attend the meetings, there was an explanation given and that number can change if needed.

Sorry, but it’s soapbox time. Scroll on if you don’t like it, because it’s coming out like LAVA. Pisses me off!!

The City council has NO business in the private matters of a US citizen who has received a prescription for medication from their MEDICAL DOCTOR. A person has a right to choice. I personally don’t like the way our society has been prescribing opioid medications, anxiety meds, and pills for depression like they are candy, but hey, it’s not my business what someone else does to their body so long as it is legal and they aren’t hurting anyone else.

Everything we put in our body has side effects, good and bad. Carrots to cigarettes, all give our bodies something. Just because the FDA has plopped down its seal of approval on something doesn’t make it right. “Prescribed” medications may be “ok” because it is a pill, but they can be deadly nonetheless to both the user and potentially the public at large if patients are driving around with the stuff.

Here is what the CDC says:

From 1999 to 2014, more than 165,000 people have died in the U.S. from overdoses related to prescription opioids.1

Below are the 3 most common meds to overdose on according to the CDC:

• Methadone

• Oxycodone (such as OxyContin®)

• Hydrocodone (such as Vicodin®)3

Other known meds people are overdosing on in our community:




Those are just the ones killing people. Psych meds can cause IRREVERSIBLE effects on people. Tardive Dyskinesia can be brought on by long term use of antipsychotic medications. These days, doctors are using atypical antipsychotic medications for depression, so it is not the “the crazy” effected.

So yeah, if someone wants to try medical marijuana as opposed to other methods of medical management, who are any of us to judge? The City Council needs to work on things like POTHOLES and EMBEZZLEMENT and HIGH PAID STAFF HAVING SEX ON THE JOB. Yeah, just leave the “little people” to their own PRIVATE business.

This is 2016. WTF is so hard to understand about Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

And NO, I do NOT want cancer patients, people with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS WHO CANNOT FREAKING WALK trying to drive to a damned parking lot to have their pain relieved. They can have their “medication” delivered just like the emotional eater can have a damned pizza delivered.

In the words of my 20 year old… “I can’t. Even.”

You sound just like one of the speakers that night and how addictive Oxy’s are ect… and the damage they do to society.

I loved your spewing, you are right on point

What is REALLY sad is that it isn’t just “junkies” overdosing. Far from it.

I knew a local business owner who did some pretty extensive work on my house when I had it remodeled. He had built his business from a small one man gig to having a busy crew of guys. He was smart, his guys all were learning a valuable skill and he was just an overall great guy.

Then I saw him one day coming out of drug and alcohol services. He told me he got arrested for being under the influence of oxycodone. He had injured both his knees and his back doing the work he did. He was in tremendous pain, and he had a family to support and didn’t have time to take off, etc for recovery… “a lot of people were counting on me.”

Anyway, he was forced to go to counseling there and try and get cleaned and weaned off of the medication. He said he was scared, but hopeful. I wished him well and told him all his work was still working great.

I don’t know how long after that it was, but he was found dead of an opioid overdose. Such a sad story to such a hard worker who didn’t realize he would become addicted to prescribed medications.

I guess the sky wasn’t really falling after all. These knee jerk politicians need to reverse the ban in all cities.

“She (Ray) said Tuesday that vote was a mistake and society has caught up with that point.” I’m not saying Ms. Ray flows with the tide…..she’s saying it though!

Sounding like someone who’s wanting to get back into the political game.