Sanitation district board member’s wife behaves badly

June 10, 2016
OCSD Board President Mary Lucey

OCSD Board President Mary Lucey


During a tension filled meeting earlier this month, the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Board members voted unanimously to add Oceano residents’ sewer charges to their property tax bills. Even though her spouse became outraged during the meeting, Oceano Community Services District President Mary Lucey voted with her fellow board members to send the bills to the tax collector.

Lucey, who failed to pay her bill until it was publicly noticed as delinquent, has argued that it is unfair for Oceano residents to have their bills added to the tax rolls, while Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach residents’ sewer bills are included with their water bills.

During the meeting, Lucey’s wife Nancy MacNeil began screaming and disrupting public comment because she didn’t agree with a speaker. While MacNeil blames sanitation district staff for the billing dispute, Julie Tacker said she thought Oceano Community Services District officials were responsible.

John Shoals, the sanitation district board chairman and Grover Breach mayor, told MacNeil to quiet down. However, after Tacker finished her comment, MacNeil again began screaming as she walked to the podium.

Shoals told MacNeil to sit down, she had already had her allotted comment time. Even though Shoals threatened to shut the meeting down, MacNeil ignored him and yelled louder as she continued with her tirade.

Oceano, like the cities of Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach, use to do its bill collecting for the sanitation district by adding the cost of sewer bills to customers’ water bills. For more than a decade, Oceano charged the sanitation district $4,930 a year for bill collecting.

Then, during a time of financial shortfalls, former Oceano CSD general manager Tom Geaslen sent the sanitation district a bill for more than $60,000 a year. However, former sanitation district administrator John Wallace rejected the bill.

In 2013, the Oceano Community Services District Board fired Geaslen after an audit revealed that he had paid himself more than $45,000 extra in salary.

Around the same time, amid allegations of mismanagement, Wallace announced his retirement.

Shortly afterwards, an interim Oceano CSD manager sent a bill to an interim sanitation district administrator for $22,000 a year for billing services, and it was paid.

After new management discovered the non-board supported increase, they asked Oceano staff to provide a cost analysis, but determined the costs were too high.

Oceano CSD Manager Paavo Ogren then threatened to stop providing billing services unless the sanitation district agreed to pay Oceano $22,000 a year.

Instead, the sanitation district board voted to send Oceano residents’ sewer bills to the tax collector at a yearly cost of $7,700.



These idiots could better use their energy for something good.


These people shouldn’t use any energy for the community, it’s all bad ju-ju, I don’t want it near me. Folks like Lucy, are angry, hateful miscontents, believing they have been wronged, and want to make everyone else subject to there marginally balanced lives. But it seems Oceano wants this, why, I have no idea. Between, Ogerer, Gerrinimo and Lucey, it “can’t get no worse”….


“Her wife…” LOL!!


Mary Lucey is squarely to blame for the billing dispute and the subsequent fallout, including her own delinquent bills. She sits on the board, how could she not have alerted SSLOCSD that she hadn’t gotten a bill, as she claims? Instead of being responsible and setting an example, she withheld payment and even went so far as to say those 936 bills that were delinquent constituted a protest. The fact is, only four (4) people formally protested and as I understand it, the majority of those had paid their bill. The question never was whether or not the funds were owed. The question always was ‘how will the SSLOCSD collect it?”

IN 2012, when Tom Geaslen was chosen as OCSD GM (after being let into the office to look at files for several weekends before the board did their head-fake public process interviewing candidates from the dais as each stood at the podium) he was given the sob stories, as Mary told them, that Oceano should be getting revenue from under every rock that might be in Oceano. Including the San District and State Parks. Mary is on record saying she “was the director that pushed Mr. Geaslen to start paying more.” (As reflected in the SSLOCSD minutes of November 20, 2012). Mary also pushed Geaslen to try to get State Parks to turn over beach entrance fees and to have them pay for a new beach fire truck so Oceano could respond to incidents on the beach.

AS it related to the SSLOCSD billing, Geaslen asserted he would get more money from SSLOCSD because “we hold the check” and actually failed to pass through the revenue OCSD had collected for the San. Dist. He used the formula in which Wallace Group would charge to get to $60,000 a year, the problem with that is, Wallace Group is a private/for profit consultant and OCSD is an enterprise funded governmental entity and is restricted from charging more than it costs to do the service, for anything and everything it does.

Where Nancy MacNiel slipped off the track is when San. Dist. Superintendent, John Clemons, removed an $11,000 warrant from his boards approval packet a year ago May. MacNiel suggested at the last meeting that Clemons was a rouge employee. No Mame, he was doing his job as a manager, questioning the amount, looking for the proper itemization and an agreement that allowed the San Dist to pay that bill. He was doing the responsible thing, while the previous District Administrator was turning a blind eye to the inequity and allowing the other two communities to subsidize Oceano CSD’s charges.

The history on this item is four years long and Mary Lucey responsible. Oceano residents are now faced with paying their sewer bill twice a year verses six times a year (the amount didn’t change, the method of collection did).

What got lost in all of this was the fact that the amount WILL change beginning in July as the SSLOCSD held a rate increase hearing last March that was held under the 218 guidelines, only 38 people (out of 17,000 customers) protested. Your sewer rates will double over the next ten years.


One more example of the Coriolis effect in action.


MacNeil should be screaming at her husband (?) Lucey for being part of the Cabal that keeps making the dumbass decisions that lead to the hirings of managers who rip off the district and by overpaying them and making this decision not to pay her friggin’ bill.

Now what did you really accomplish Ms. MacNeil by acting the fool?


Really nothing here to report. I’m sure all involved are far left therefore, do as we say not as we do.

Lived here all of my life and have never seen politics such as this.

Just plain sick. Progressives SUCK and have and are continuing to destroy our Country, Once blessed by God for our reverence to Him. He who is made us great.

Post modernism at its worst. Get ready ppl, the worst upon His creation is yet to come. The 70th week of Daniel.


She’s off the reservation again.


This CSD has become LOCSD south. A misguided ship of fools headed for disaster. No need to rearrange the deck chairs…you`re going down.


Pelican, do realize the common denominator here is PAAVEO OGER , and is/has been the GM at both CSD’s. This man is a total piece of s__t. So does this make Lucy the best and the brightest in Oceano? Los Osos had Schicker, who elects theses people? Eliminate both CSD’s and return to the crappy county, but many less government bloodsuckers!!!!!


No, the common denominator is C S D. Remember Paavo was merely a county bureaucrat. CSD`s don`t work. They are typically run by ego maniacs who all think they are experts…but in reality don`t have a clue.

In their patriotic-like attempt to gain independence, unlike our forefathers they fall flat on their faces manifested in their ignorance and greed.


“They are typically run by ego maniacs who all think they are experts…but in reality don`t have a clue.”


I would submit that the only thing worse, arguably, would be those CCR’s. The buffoons who run those neighborhood “governments” are pieces of work. Hmmm…I just stumbled onto something…maybe they are just in training to be on CSD’s!

Your statement above could very well be descriptive of ALL government agencies.


The government never looks to reduce the number of bloodsuckers, they just look to increase the number and the amount.


The City of Morro Bay has become LOCSD north.


Mary has a wife ?


“…not that there’s anything wrong with that”. (credit to The Seinfeld episode)


Yes, so her wife must identify her gender as female, but if she begins identifying her gender as male, then she will have a husband.


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