Sheriff creates 24/7 surveillance zones in Shandon, San Miguel

June 15, 2016

camera lensThe San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office has installed surveillance cameras in Shandon and San Miguel with the hope they will deter crime. A sign in San Miguel now warns pedestrians and drivers that they are entering a 24/7 surveillance zone. [KSBY]

In San Miguel, sheriff’s personnel placed four cameras in the center of town. The cameras are attached to a power pole on Mission Street across from the Ranch Bar and Stage. The sign is positioned about 100 feet from the cameras.

Sheriff’s officials says Shandon and San Miguel are remote areas of the county, and the cameras will add a presence when deputies are not physically patrolling those communities.

Tony Cipolla, the spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said the cameras and signs will serve as a deterrent because they will let criminals know they are being watched. Additionally, deputies will use the cameras to identify suspects and their vehicles, Cipolla said.

Sheriff’s investigators have a mobile app that allows them to watch surveillance footage in real time. The app also permits investigators to remotely tilt, pan and zoom the cameras.

The sheriff’s office received funding for the cameras through a state justice system grant. If the cameras are deemed a success in Shandon and San Miguel, the sheriff’s office plans to install more in other areas of the county, including Nipomo and Avila Beach.

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Maybe they should put some in Adelaide so they can see who is rushing to beat the tree removal ordinance….

I used to live near the RR tracks where people dumped all kinds of stuff constantly. The RR personnel placed hidden cameras around to try to catch these jerks. The jerks even stole the cameras, so the RR quit trying. Just sayin’ it’s possible this will be the outcome of the camera surveillance in San Miguel and Shandon, too.

I have lived in san miguel and when the cops roll into town the criminals all know it as with most small towns plus they have scanners on 24/7 , probably a phone app , also with the new cameras patrons on the mission street bars will just be parking in front of peoples houses on streets behind that area and then use the rear entrances , the cameras will serve no purpose ,, except for the company who sold them and their relatives

A few cameras in Santa Margarita would be a good idea too. Especially now that undergrounding utilities are in process. This may catch some obvious speeders too, as they rip through town.

Welcome to the Surveillance State. :-)

Big Brother? You don’t think the bad guys will disable these.

Uh oh. This may seem like a good thing on the surface, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let them get their foot in the door with something like this and it will not stop there. I am law-abiding and I don’t like these things.

Not a good road to start down.

Orwell was so perceptive.

And with that…I give the the United Police States of America.