14 people shot at teen party in Bakersfield

July 17, 2016

pellet gunFourteen people were shot at a party in Bakersfield Saturday morning when three people who had been told to leave returned and began shooting. Two people are in critical condition. [Bakersfield Now]

After Alicea Wallace told her two teenage children they could host a party, her daughter posted the party on Facebook. The party of primarily high school students swelled to about 150 attendees and a fight broke out.

Alicea and her husband Jessie Wallace then decided to shut the party down.

As people were leaving, three young men who had left earlier walked up to the property and began shooting into the crowd.

Jessie Wallace, 58, was shot in the head as he was attempting to get people to go home.

Sheriff officials suspect the shooting could be gang related.


Coming to a town or city near you!



Wow, I’m impressed- Bakersfield is really movin’ up in the world. Hell, Chicago’s daily gunfire body count for yesterday was 3 dead and 19 wounded, and Chicago is a much larger city than Bakersfield.

Nice job, B-field, you guys sure know how to rock a town.

Extremely Stoic

Classy post.


Did you miss the “sarcasm alert”? Open your eyes.

Extremely Stoic

Yeah, I felt the sarcasm sucked

Ted Slanders

Huh? Posting a teenage party on Facebook in BuckOwensVille? Are you kidding? Just how inept can parents be regarding the safety of their children?

Trump is correct, if the initial party goers all had guns, then a gunfight would have ensued with the return of the teens that came back with their guns, and if everyone were great marksmen, then this inept DNA at the party would have been removed from the gene pool with no further propagating of same. A peaceful society wins in the long term!

All of the hand-wringing, prayers to whatever specific god you worship for the injured, giving hope for the families involved, yada, yada, yada, just don’t seem to be working in a rational manner because its just insipid placating to the situation. Subjectively, what is left is to be facetious towards these stories and move on.


Facebook was a serious mistake. Bakersfield is the drug gang capital of California.


Reassuring to know they come to Pismo for vacations. At least their easy to tell with their Raiders diapers and ghetto 4×4’s.


Testify brother. Easy to see em coming and that’s time to start packing up. Peaceful time at the beach is over upon their arrival.


Wise move, have your teenage kids host a party and post it on Facebook. Second dumb move…when the party started getting out of control, NOT calling police for help. Any fool should know things aren’t going to go well at that time.


The problem here is that calling the police can turn on your real quick. All of the sudden a bunch of kids get arrested, parents get arrested, fines, jailtime, and so on. If the police were concerned only about crimes with actual victims, as opposed to crimes against the state, or crimes that MIGHT wind up with a victim but didn’t, then people would feel comfortable about calling them and a lot of things would go a lot smoother.


Wait a minute, how responsible was posting the planned party on Facebook?

As a parent you DO NOT allow young people to make irresponsible decisions…like this one.

ALL the parents are clearly at fault here, for poor parenting and dereliction of duty.

Rich in MB

The parent Hosts of the party had better get ready for a nice big lawsuit.



How terribly sad…

Despite the recent passage of gun control measures the gun-banners will use this incident to driver for even more worthless restrictions.

Too bad the killer didn’t use a truck this time…


Yep, things could have only gotten better if there were more guns there. Sound logic.


What the hell makes you think that more “gun control” would have resulted in fewer “guns there”? That’s fallacy #1.


Of course we need more guns…it’s the only practical answer to all the violence. There are currently more guns in America then there are people.What a sad commentary.


“Too bad the killer didn’t use a truck this time”

You must be a blast at parties.