Paso Robles man allegedly molested multiple children

July 16, 2016
Jason Robert Porter

Jason Robert Porter


Paso Robles police arrested Jason Robert Porter early Saturday morning on 23 charges related to the alleged sexual molestation of multiple local children.

At 1 a.m. today, officers arrested Porter on charges of oral copulation or penetration of a child under 10, lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14, and possessing photos of children engaged in sexual acts. Paso Robles police then booked Porter into the San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $7 million bail.

On June 23, Paso Robles police first arrested Porter, 44, after a woman found him taking lewd photographs of her 6-year-old daughter. Porter was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography and committing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14. He quickly posted bail and was released.

Last week, police served a search warrant on a home Jason Porter shares with his parents, Lyle and Margaret Porter. Following the search, police attempted to identify children from pornographic photos found in the Porter home, sources said.

Earlier today, Paso Robles police found Porter in Pasadena and took him into custody.

Lyle and Margaret Porter are having an estate sale this weekend, according to several online ads. Lyle Porter is a former principal at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School and Margaret Porter is the assistant principal at Old Mission School in San Luis Obispo.

For years, local author Tina Swithin fought to keep her brother-in-law, Robert Porter, away from her children, but the court forced her to allow some visitation with the uncle at the family’s home in Paso Robles.

“From 2001 to 2006, I begged and pleaded for Robert’s mom to get him help,” Swithin posted online. “He was homicidal, suicidal, beat puppies and made out with a 14-year old girl at a wedding. It was her first kiss…he was 30 years old. His mom sat eating chips and dip as he spoke of murdering and raping a woman – she just kept eating without missing a beat.”

While Swithin worked through the system to protect her children, a San Luis Obispo County Social Services evaluator dismissed her claims and asked the court to force Swithin to send her children to the Porter home, according to Swithin’s online posts.

After Lyle Porter left Mission Prep under questionable circumstances, they moved to Saudi Arabia for several years to work at a school.

In 2004 through 2006, Jason and Lyle Porter made multiple trips to Thailand. In 2006, Jason Porter returned from Thailand with a young bride, according to online posts by Swithin. Jason Porter, his parents, his wife and their two small children have since shared a home in Paso Robles.

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I read Tina Swithin’s account which included why this continues.

1. Swithin wrote under an non de plume, which provides an assist to the criminal and a system that employs incompetents. (See Familylawcourts dot com – check the “Therapist” section.

2. Swithin also wrote “I was bullied into signing” the report. Which again, assists the criminal and the incompetents.

Although well-meaning, and certainly desperate.

Switin was victim of a massive, police failure. The problem being the police do not investigate, but turn criminal matters over to civil investigators to “grade” the honesty of the person calling them.

Not only does that Not work, women wind up paying taxes for police services the police refuse to provide. Do Not Assist a determined failure of the police to do their job. Go up the ladder.

Were I Swithin, I would have sued the parents in civil court.

Deposed inept state workers.

There are solutions.

Use them.

Saving the kids is paramount.

Saying, “I was bullied” simply doesn’t cut it.

There is a whole lot of enabling going on, before and now at the expense of the taxpayers. Sadly, many of the victims will continue to have issues and in some way adversely affect others. My experience with another family that has these issues is that they are like a coven of vampires that protect each other. This is an evil based crime with a haunting emphasis on evil.

All I said in my previous comment that CCN removed was that this guy should get the death penalty. You guys removed it. Yet reading through the comments below, you guys sure seem to be selective on who gets to say what. Kinda sad when you defend a pedophile :/

No, we did not remove any of your comments on this article.

You totally did but whatever. I see what ya’ll do.

Your comment on a previous article was deleted . we discourage comparison with diseased animals , extra judicial murder, and trolling moderators,please stop doing it.

Paso Robles dodged the bullet when the Charter School that Lyle and Margaret Porter were proposing at the former Paso Boys School site fizzled. Can anyone imagine the implications involved if these two were running a school with a full blown pedophile at their home, possibly having access to the school?

Earlier today, Paso Robles police found Porter in Pasadena and took him into custody.

What were Paso Robles cops doing in ‘dena?

…or did they look everywhere else first, then someone told them he was there?

What do you mean didn’t suspect something? They were obviously complicit.

There’s NO way this man’s parent didn’t suspect something.


Thinking that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree on this one…

Of course they knew. Both of the parents have been involved in the educational system for years. They are trained professionals and have a legal responsibility to report this type of wrong doing. Family members having been fighting this in the Court system of years and Margaret Porter, currently a vice principal at Mission Grammar School at least until this broke in the news media but I am sure has hopefully slipped under a rock forever and Lyle Porter, a past principal at both Mission Catholic Grammar and High School know all about this type of behavior, how to identify and report it.

There is absolutely no excuse of this absolutely disgusting inhuman behavior for this entire family and I would be investigating not only Jason and his parents but his 3 brothers since they all stood by and did nothing about this entire situation and in fact, supported each other. Would not be surprised this involved other family children. May you all rot in your hell!