Atascadero police shoot man armed with metal bar

July 5, 2016

atascadero policeAs with the city of Santa Maria, Atascadero had a shooting on July 4, though it did not result in a death. An Atascadero officer shot and wounded a man who was approached police with a metal bar after ramming his truck into a building.

Shortly after 1:05 p.m., the man drove his white truck through the roll-up door of the structure and continued driving into the back of the vacant building on El Camino Real, according to the police department. He then reversed out of the building and into the adjacent parking lot across the street. The man struck a vehicle in the lot while driving in reverse.

Next, the man drove back across El Camino Real and into the building again. He then backed out of the building again, and his vehicle became lodged in debris.

The driver then exited the truck armed with a metal bar. Officers confronted him, and he started to approach the policemen.

Police fired less lethal munitions, but they did not deter the suspect. The man continued to approach the officers wile holding the metal bar until one officer fired a single shot from his handgun, striking the suspect in the stomach.

Officers subdued the suspect and called for medical attention. Emergency responders transported the man to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery. Police have yet to release the man’s identity.

None of the officers involved in the incident suffered injuries.

Atascadero police say there were several bystanders who witnessed the incident. The police department is requesting assistance from any member of the public who may have witnessed or videotaped the incident.



  1. shelworth says:

    Oh why, why didn’t they just shoot the bar out of his hand?!! (I wish there was a sarcasm font).

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  2. jana says:


    I will get a crowbar and stand 20 feet from you and you can have a can of pepper spray. I will rush you and you try to spray that little stream into my face before I hit you on the head with the crowbar. Whaddya think, sound reasonable? I mean I’m just a girl..

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    • SamLouis says:

      Pepper spray and a baton would do it — girl or not. Just make sure you’re up to it…

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  3. SamLouis says:

    More and more it seems like law enforcement officers are cunts these days. When in doubt they just shoot. Hard to believe something like pepper spray wouldn’t have been effective in this case. Back in the day a law enforcement officers were actual men, they waded in with their espantoons, billy clubs or saps and knocked the crminals out. Today they shoot.

    By the way, has there been any talk of making “metal bars” illegal?

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    • Mr. Holly says:

      Actually a “metal bar” over your head may be appropriate since you think that it’s not that big of an issue.

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      • SamLouis says:

        Stop lying. I never said that a “metal bar” was “not that big of an issue.” That’s simply a lie on your part.

        What I actually said was “More and more it seems like law enforcement officers are /<unts these days. When in doubt they just shoot. Hard to believe something like pepper spray wouldn’t have been effective in this case. Back in the day a law enforcement officers were actual men, they waded in with their espantoons, billy clubs or saps and knocked the crminals out. Today they shoot."

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    • almostgone says:

      He was tasered more then once, by varied accounts two to three times.You may also want to refer to the 21 foot rule. These men did it right in a short very active time span,had it been a civilian shooter he may have ended up with more then one bullet bullet in him and would now be deceased.

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      • SamLouis says:

        Things were different in the “old days” when law enforcement officers were typically physically imposing individuals (typically males) who knew how to fight rather than simply pull a trigger.

        There were obvious downsides to the past but one of the upsides is that few law enforcement officers shot people because they were afraid to wade in and physically deal with a threat rather than pull the good old trigger.

        People yammer on and on about how law enforcement risk their lives, yet they seem to be doing less and less of that these days because it’s simply easier for them to pull the good old trigger.

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  4. jana says:

    Miles Archer:

    Clearly you have never worn a body cam. As often as not what you will get is herky jerky video that will show you absolutely nothing of value. What you may capture is audio, which is captured by the officers already, because they are wired to a camera that is located in the front windshield of the car. Body cameras sound like a great idea, an end-all cure-all, but the simple fact of the matter is that they will encourage officers to slow down and not do their jobs for fear of getting criticized by people like you and quite possibly prosecuted and put into prison.

    We need to scrutinize our police and watch their actions very closely we need to insist on absolute integrity and we have every right to expect that given the amount of money that we pay them and the generous pension benefits they receive. But at the same time we must be extremely careful not to turn policeman, whose job is essentially to be Hunters, into fireman whose job is essentially to be responders.

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    • SamLouis says:

      Actually the built-in video stabilization these days — even in tiny cameras like GoPros is remarkable.

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      • Perspicacious says:

        Based on your post above, NOTHING you say is credible.

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        • SamLouis says:

          Sounds like my comments hit a bit too close to home… ;)

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  5. miles archer says:

    EVERY LEO in America should be wearing a body cam.

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    • Perspicacious says:

      This story gave rise to your comment how?

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  6. demiseofslo says:

    Free health care and stay at the gray bar inn. Will probably require psychiatric care as well since he clearly was trying to get suicide by cop. Business owner will be out of a building, building insurance costs will go up. Someone’s car got hit, their rates will most likely go up. Fuck this guy send him to work on the chain gang

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