Go to the Mid-State Fair, catch an STD?

July 28, 2016

std-logoCases of sexually transmitted disease are on the rise in San Luis Obispo County, particularly the spread of chlamydia and gonorrhea, according to county health department. Officials also say there is a connection between an uptick in STDs reported and the annual Mid-State Fair. [KSBY]

San Luis Obispo County Health Officer Penny Borenstein said that for years, around the time of the fair, county health staff have seen a spike in STD cases. Clinical staff have heard patients say, “Oh, I think I got this at the fair,” Borenstein said.

Borenstein said she thinks the fair is a happy time with a lot of alcohol and music. Most of the cases of STDs and unwanted pregnancies involve young people who are often in their mid-twenties.

County health officials say there were 866 cases of chlamydia reported in 2012. Chlamydia cases rose to 1,072 in 2015. The number of gonorrhea cases rose from 86 in 2012 to 165 in 2015.

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These “carnival people” are an integral part of the modern fair experience. Just think how boring the fair would be if these people all wore white shirts, were clean shaven, and had perfect smiles.

I’ll have mine with a shot of Jagermeister and a beer chaser after throwing up on the Drop Zone ride.

Speaks volumes about the “quality” of the people blowing into town for the Mid State Fair.

Uhhh… I think they are already here.

That’s it. No more HOT DOGS ON A STICK for me!

Now, are the STD’s included in the admission price…or like the big stage entertainment, you pay extra,amp out for days, stand in line, or pay a scalper???

Thanks for the laugh Rich in MB. I call those “walking petri dishes”. Law enforcement used to warn about all the prostitutes and pickpockets who travel the fairs. It does sound like we have more “home grown” germ carriers now.

In a world gone mad, you have to find humor where you can or risk going crazy.

“Young people in their mid-twenties”

Why is the new mid-twenties impulse control, the old sixteen. So much for the theory of evolution.

It must be “god’s” will

This needs to immediately go to the Board of Supervisors for an emergency ordinance to restrict or limit sex at the Mid State Fair. All potential increases from the SLOCOG tax initiative need to be diverted to a $100,000 study regarding sex and alcohol at the fair. There has to be a way that they will be able to tax or fee this. Probably the easiest way would be to add an additional surcharge onto the bed tax and then figure out how they can tax beer and wine similar to something like they are talking about for marijuana.

Darn … I guess its time to construct a new exhibit … a condom exhibit

Come one…we have all seen the cast of characters that run the rides and work the midway games.

If they are not walking billboards for “I have the Clap” then no one is…

Just sayin…