Ken Sage announces run for an Arroyo Grande Council seat

July 11, 2016
Ken Sage

Ken Sage

Ken Sage, a 16-year resident of Arroyo Grande, announced his candidacy for the Arroyo Grande City Council on Sunday.

In his announcement, Sage said his top priorities include economic development; water planning; transportation; and enhanced communications between community members, the AG City Council, and businesses.

This year, the council seats belonging to Councilwoman Kristen Barneich and Councilman Jim Guthrie are up for grabs. Barneich has announced she is running for another term while Guthrie said he does not plan to seek reelection.

Mayor Jim Hill is also running for reelection

Sage’s work history includes 10 years as a department manager for AT&T, 10 years as a small business owner and manager of a retail art gallery and 17 years providing business management consulting for medical practices.

Sage also served on the SLO County Grand Jury in 2014 and 2015. He is currently a Habitat for Humanity volunteer and a member of the Arroyo Grande Traffic Commission Board.

Sage can be reached at or at (805) 235-5010.


When asked his opinion will he give “sage” advice?

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Ken Sage would be a FAR BETTER representative on the Arroyo Grande City Council than Caren Ray.

Voters need only recall the divisive past that Care Ray brings to our public discourse, and, of course, her association with Adam Hill and other ‘Sanctuary City’ politicians. The City of Arroyo Grande and its residents deserve leaders with integrity, vision and common sense.

Ken Sage for City Council

Reject Sanctuary City.

Reject Caren Ray

Just saying,

The Truth


How long has he been on the Traffic Commission?

I watch the Council show regularly and never seen the back of his head at a meeting.

Mr. Sage:

How do you plan to assist the Council in bringing a full service grocery store to town?

What are your thought on reducing parking on city residential streets?

What is your opinion on the Brisco are closure?


I am not that concerned over how long a person has held a position, look at Tony Ferrara , Joe Costello and Jim Guthrie, they all help positions for long periods of time and caused so much damage to the city that it will will take years to correct and even some of the damage may never be corrected. Barbara Harmon has help her position for a short time and she is on course to always become a top damage creator. Also since the city council meetings are televised and posted I am not worried that someone may not have been seen at a meeting, perhaps they have a work or other schedule that prevents them from attending the meetings in person but I certainly hope they take the time watch them when they have time.


Jorge, this phrase “…a 16 year resident of Arroyo Grande…” gets you all in a lather? This good journalism tells us he is not some carpetbagger who just landed and knows nothing about the town. When you first moved here (last month?) you heard human interest stuff about locals, but there is nothing like that in this article. As a 6- year resident, I see people here take great pride in local history, and history is about people.

Why do you think workplace seniority is valued? Because it’s about loyalty and experience, traits I value in an elected official among others.

Full disclosure: I know Ken, having worked with him on the San Luis Obispo Grand Jury 2014-2015, and found him to be an excellent Juror: smart, fair, hard-working and full of commonsense. He never bragged about his length of residence or his resumé, in fact I learned more about him from this article than during our tenure on the GJ. Speaking getting “…off their arss (sic)…” did you apply for the Grand Jury? Have you filed to run in an election? I would be impressed if you said yes. (BTW the word is “prerequisite”.)

Jorge Estrada

It’s good that you stick up for your beliefs. I was not really stirred up about the 16 year reference to his time spent in our community. I just took this tiny foot hold to express something I’ve had to deal with in the past. The point I wanted to make is that all of us who are legal residents have the same rights yet some believe that seniority precipitates some kind of higher right. As for accountability that does need to be earned over time just not necessarily here. We have read about different citizens that have been held higher than others only to find out that there’s one little problem that know one wants to talk about. It may become a good practice to run a credit history and more, before we elect anyone to represent us. As for Ken, I have no reason to doubt his integrity and his serving on the Grand Jury speaks favorably to his willingness to serve.

Jorge Estrada

Why do we care about how long someone has lived in a community? If he or she meets the perquisites and desires to run, that should be the only notice given. The voters can question what is important to them, agenda, background, etc. Personally my thought on seniority is for picking a vacation date among a work group. When I first moved here, it seemed like all I heard was how many generations of family or some sort of birth right the indigenous had, sorry I’ll never support that. If someone gets off their arss and gets things done, then I’m impressed.