Lopez Lake water level at all-time low

July 26, 2016
Lopez lake

Lopez lake

The amount of water in Lopez Lake has reached an all-time low. Officials have responded by closing the boat launch ramp at the lake. [KSBY]

Lopez Lake is currently at 26.4 percent capacity, according to San Luis Obispo County water data. As of Monday, the lake contained 13,087 acre-feet of water. The lake holds 49,388 acre-feet at full capacity.

Park ranger Ryan Wemple said boats must now travel 100 yards or more from the shore in order to reach water that is 5 to 6 feet deep. The area surrounding the boat launch ramp is covered in mud.

Following the closure of the launch ramp, small, non-motorized boats, like kayaks and canoes, are still allowed in the lake. Additionally, visitors can rent motorized boats that are currently docked at lake. The boats are available for rent through the marina store.

Wemple said the water level would need to rise about 2 percent in order to allow motorized boats to resume launching from the boat ramp. However, the water level has been steadily declining.

Two years ago to the day, Lopez Lake was at 50 percent capacity. By the end of 2015, the lake fell to 28 percent capacity.

Water levels rose during this year’s rainy season, but not by much. In March, Lopez Lake was just below 30 percent capacity. The water level has been falling since then.

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It’s ok. Just tax 5 Cities residents more, we like paying more for less..


That’s only the residents that pay taxes in the first place.

The economy is good for building. Water is just an aside.

Come on Arroyo Grande, keep issuing building permits, don’t worry about stopping permits that have not started yet, just raise the rates for current residents that have been conserving, and of course issue fines for those who have not conserved enough according to your unrealistic guidelines. At this point I’m inclined to say throw them all on this November unless they start doing what is needed, building moratorium, suspended current projects, stop watering parks, city buildings landscaping.

And at tonight’s city council meeting, no talk of a moratorium, yep they all need to go this November.

How about a county wide stop to all building, the builders somehow say they have the needed water. Where is it coming from?

Diablo Canyon desal, where else.