Morro Bay police chief departing to Pacific Grove

July 6, 2016
Amy Christie

Amy Christie

The city of Pacific Grove in Monterey County has announced it has selected Morro Bay Police Chief Amy Christey to head its police department. Christey is expected to start work in Pacific Grove on Aug. 16.

Christey has served as Morro Bay’s chief since 2012. She previously worked for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

Pacific Grove officials selected Christey from a pool of more than 50 candidates. The city conducted a nationwide search.

“Chief Christey’s hands-on approach to community policing, her emphasis on customer service, her understanding of the needs of a small-town coastal community and her track record as a team player make her a terrific fit for our police department, the municipal organization and the community,” Pacific Grove City Manager Ben Harvey said in a statement.

The Pacific Grove City Council has yet to finalize the hire. Christey’s proposed pay has not been disclosed.

In 2015, Christey received $147,706 in salary and $187,127 in total pay from Morro Bay, according to the Transparent California database. Four members of the Pacific Grove Police Department received more in total pay last year than Christie.

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Rumor has it the city is dumping there Police Department and contracting to the Sheriffs! Everyone is jumping ship in fear of being without a job…Stand by Morro Bay you’ll be waiting for a quite sometime before an officer arrives to your home if you have a problem. Another STUPID decision by the City!

hope residents are noticing the downward spiral of our town. city staffers leaving in droves, many city rules and regulations no longer adhered to, irons, christine johnson and smuckler responsible for a 145+ million dollar sewer plant that is years down the road, no transparency and a total lack of morale – great job folks.

And don’t forget the city is looking to get rid of the police department and contracting to the sheriffs…

Good ole Jamie irons and zucker run off another manager. Guess she decided not to cover up the bodies anymore

Wow that’s too bad she did a real good job.

Retired, seasoned police officers and detectives with much time in the field, working on a volunteer basis to serve the community as chief of police is the solution to high-cost bureaucracy and bullshit. You can take that into any corporate setting, university, etc. It would be a good thing to know someday you will likely retire and serve as chief of police or CEO of your company. This was what the original democracy looked like in Greece…before it turned into…ok, let’s not go there….

Why work as a volunteer when one can work as a paid consultant or employee and double- or even triple-dip?