SLO woman announces run for council, then gets burglarized

July 1, 2016

SLO_City_Emblem_fullcolor_neutralbkgA San Luis Obispo woman announced last month that she is running for city council. Less than 48 hours later, a burglar broke into her home and stole an iPod, jewelry, computers and other possessions.

Mila Vujovich-La Barre said she would be shocked if there is any connection between the burglary and the announcement of her campaign. The council candidate said burglaries are becoming the norm in San Luis Obispo and residents ought to be cautious.

“Times are changing in SLO,” Vujovich-LaBarre said. “As of Thursday, a part of me has died. The trust factor is altered.”

Vujovich-La Barre announced her candidacy at a Tuesday evening council meeting on June 14. Her home was burglarized at around 12:25 p.m. on June 16.

Prior to the burglary, Vujovich-La Barre had left the back door of her home open for the dog, she said.

The burglars entered the house, took pillow cases off the bed and stuffed them full of belonging. The intruders went through a home office and personal belongings. One of the computers they stole was a laptop belonging to Vujovich-La Barre’s daughter.

“I felt very violated,” Vujovich-La Barre said.

While the burglary was in process, there were workers in the neighborhood. One neighbor saw a person believed to be a suspect, as well as what is believed to be the suspect’s vehicle. The person in question is described as a white man with glasses. The vehicle was a white or light silver sedan with a partial license plate number of 7JDY.

San Luis Obispo police have recently warned that residential burglaries and vehicle break-ins are on the rise in the city.


Can’t shoot these intruders, the Dems in Sacramento and Governor Moonbeam are seeing to that.


You leave a door unlocked and then you feel violated, you invited the burglar into your house by making it so easy.


Mila’s back door wasn’t unlocked – it was left OPEN. Good grief! Don’t think I’d vote for someone with that kind of “intelligence.” Even her dog didn’t pose much of a threat to the intruder. Wonder what kind of dog Mila owns? Obviously, not a watch dog.


So she leaves her BACK door open for her dog, some jagoff is snooping around, trespassing, and goes into her house and takes things that don’t belong to them, and you blame the homeowner?! You are part of the problem.


Perspicacious, I don’t agree. In a perfect world where everyone strives to take care of each other and intends only good toward others, there would be no problem in leaving your doors wide open. In fact, no need to have locks on doors or windows at all. It’s all good. But you and I both know we have to be proactive to try to keep potential intruders out by locking doors and windows. Law enforcement continually reminds us to lock up.


That’s moronic. Period. Why not say, “a woman was raped because of the way she dressed” or some other nonsensical, twisted logic.

You simply are blaming the victim for the crime. Regardless of how easy or not it was to enter the private residence, property was still stolen.

Get a clue.


Bullcrap! Where is your rage against the perps! Instead you blame HER for leaving her door unlocked? Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have but that in NO WAY makes her any less a victim.


If the partial is correct that narrows it down to 1,000 cars statewide; divided by (/) sedan, /white or silver, /the Central Coast=not too many to check.


Welcome to SLO politics!


I mistrust political figures to the point I suspect she might have set it up for attention. Isn’t this a sad world….when we think like that?


You’re sick. If you knew Mila you’d know she’s the sort of person who would work like hell to make things better. She’s a true reformer, and a fantastic person. She’s not a “politician” at all. Get out a bit and learn what’s actually going on in the world as opposed to the circular motions of your pathetic brain waves.


This is a very misleading headline. Politics is no where in the story.

Bad people are doing bad things because they know they can get away with it…

It is happening not only here in the “happiest place on earth”, but across the nation.

She is just lucky all they took was her stuff. What if they had come in through the open door after she was home asleep, she awakes and confronts them, then what a blow to the head with a skate board or a shiv to the gut? many folks sleep well at night because LEO do their job and respond to calls like this…


This is your town too…


She is a Marxed woman.

Kaiser Bill

Per capita, San Luis Obispo probably has as many homeless people as San Francisco. Given the number of homeless, crimes such as this are not surprising.


Send them to Los Angeles they want to spend 1.2 billion for the buggers.


The guy came in a nice car. He’s not homeless. Try to wrap your mind around the facts, instead of prejudices.


I don’t know about homeless, but would contend SLO has as many trailer parks per capita as Florida. That’s no easy feat to achieve.


She should write a thank you letter to Governor Brown and Mayor Marx