Arroyo Grande furniture business closing as customers await orders

August 3, 2016

bedAn Arroyo Grande furniture business that has come under fire for not delivering beds and couches that customers purchased is preparing to close for good. The business may close without refunding customers whose orders were not fulfilled. [KSBY]

For months, customers have been waiting to receive the items they purchased from RoomsExpress, formerly known as Ashley’s Home Furniture. Several customers turned to the media to pressure the furniture store to deliver the beds and couches they purchased or to refund the orders.

In June, the company’s attorney said the orders had been delayed because the furniture store had just emerged from bankruptcy. But, all orders would be fulfilled by the end of July, attorney Robert Rosenstein said.

At the conclusion of July, some customers had received their furniture, some had received a refund and some had received neither.

One customer said, in May, he paid nearly $3,000 for a couch set. A representative of the store called him in July and said RoomsExpress had no time frame for the couch delivery and that it is not possible to refund the purchase because the company filed for bankruptcy, the customer said. The company told him to dispute the charge through his credit card company, the customer added.

Customers told CalCoastNews that, at one point in July, several people were inside the Arroyo Grande store demanding their furniture of their money back. RoomsExpress responded by threatening to call the police and announcing the store was permanently closing that day.

After the angry customers left, the store reopened. RoomsExpress is currently having a closing sale. A sign outside the business says everything is 50 percent off.

Customers also say the store has been encouraging furniture buyers to pay with cash.

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Arrest them!!

Crooks from the very beginning!

If I was one of those Screaming customers, ‘i might have thought to just back my truck up to the door and start taking my $3000 worth of furniture at those 50% prices! Maybe not the couch I ordered but At least I would have something! Go sell it and order somewhere else!

I worked at a furniture store for a couple of years. The markup on most stuff is huge. 50% off is probably still slightly more than they paid for it. You are not going to be able to resell it for a profit worth the effort.

I bet! Well at least they would have walked away with something instead of Nothing. These guys are crooks!

Another brick and mortar bites the dust.

With little to no parking, what will this site attract?

ok, so this EXACT same thing happened to us when we bought furniture from the santa maria Ashley (the old one) on broadway maybe 10 years ago…we paid cash for our sofas and they declared bankruptcy…basically closed the doors with NO warning and left town. we contacted Ashley furniture directly with our receipts and orders. they did honor the orders. we received our sofas within the month, but I know many other people did not. suggest contacting Ashley direct. it might work for you.

They only sold junk anyway….. no loss!

screw the attorney as well

So these irresponsible people will shaft the credit card companies who will, in turn, simply raise the rates charged to merchants AGAIN who will be forced to raise the cost of their goods and services.

In short, we all pay for the RoomsExpress failure. I’d like to see the local DA get involved. As the cash flows in, it may be an opportunity to demand a refund on on previously unfilled orders.

Actually the merchant account provider will get screwed. If the merchant does not have enough funds in their bank account to refund their customers, then the merchant provider is responsible for refunding the money to the credit card company, who in turn, credits the customer’s credit card account. It’s a big shaft no matter how you look at it. The MA account provider can sue the merchant, but hard to collect form people who have no money.

Sounds like someone needs to do a “Stop Payment” on their CC order…they appear to be on the verge of Bankruptcy and your money is about to go bye-bye.

Make a sign, and stand on the sidewalk alerting people to the SCAM…they will get you your money back FAST!!!!