Arroyo Grande shooting suspect identified

August 26, 2016

Christopher William AllenThe carjacking suspect shot by Arroyo Grande Police Sergeant Shane Day has been identified as Christopher William Allen, 46. Officers describe Allen as a 6 foot 4 inches tall, 247 pound, white male, from out of the area.

Shortly after 6 a.m., Allen allegedly attempted to rob an elderly victim at knife point and carjack another victim, at the AM/PM market on Grand Avenue. Before officers arrived, the suspect fled into the greenbelt area near Highway 101.

Day tracked Allen down not far from the market. Allen charged at Day while wielding a knife and ignoring Day’s orders to stop. Day shot four rounds at Allen.

Officers performed first aid on Allen before he was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo where he underwent surgery. Allen faces charges of carjacking, attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and making threats to a police officer

Day is a 15 year veteran of the Arroyo Grande Police Department. He is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Police also reported that a Tribune article misidentified a local homeless man as the suspected carjacker.

“A newspaper publication erroneously reported a story yesterday identifying a well-known local homeless individual as the suspect in the robberies and as the individual who was later shot by Sergeant Shane Day.” Police said in a news release. “The misinforming story identified the wrong individual as a homeless person knick-named ‘Rambo’ and provided a storyline regarding his lifestyle and actions.

“It should be noted that the individual described in that story, who still frequents the Arroyo Grande area, is not a suspect in any crime and has not posed any threat to the public. The Arroyo Grande Police Department regrets that this information was contrived and released without any confirmation with representatives of the Arroyo Grande Police Department and/or other investigating agencies.”

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

I join the rest of you in applauding the work of Officer Day and the AGPD, it is well past time we take our community back from the criminal types. Anyone who charges at an officer with a knife deserves to be shot.

Unfortunately, guys like this perp act out all too often and their disdain for the law is obvious. The rest of us should not have to live in fear, wondering who is next. It is a classic sign of the times that some are alleging police brutality, claiming the officer should have just ‘shot him in the kneecap’. Sad.

I nominate Officer Day for a Public safety Award.

Just saying,


Good job MISTER!

As for the Tribune… Get your news correct the first time. Fact based journalism is key to a favorable reputation, or did your editor fail to indicate this as part of your job description.

The Tribune at least got the day of the week right. It was not Wednesday, but Thursday, as the Tribune accurately stated.

Being classy: when you know your paper got the day of the week wrong, and the competing news source got it right–so you don’t mention their other errors later in another article.

Being unclassy: Ignoring the fact your original article also contained errors–but making sure you mention the competitions mistake (but of course not your own).

The Tribune’s mistake was huge. Identifying an innocent (and vulnerable) person as the suspect. They didn’t admit their mistake either, but just did another article on it.

This doesn’t have anything to do with being “classy”.

It has to do with accurate information and the AG Police Department wanted to make sure that people knew who the correct suspect was.

Arroyo Grande Police Department regrets that this information was contrived and released without any confirmation with representatives of the Arroyo Grande Police Department and/or other investigating agencies.

Tribune put an innocent individual at risk,because of inferior journalism, editing and publishing.

The media enjoys civil privileges no other industry has. Yet it takes this privilege for granted and shapes and creates news, sometimes when it doesn’t exist. The national elite media is the worst as they generally have the resources to be accurate, fair and report fully but instead “report” with bias and selectivity, often writing opinion as straight news. I think it is brave for a presidential candidate to call them out for what they are, as a famous journalist once wrote, “Never pick a fight with a person who buys ink by the barrel.”

As for the Tribune. It is a sad shell of what the TT used to be a decade ago. It’s not just the fact that their fortunes have faded and their resources are limited. They are now a hack paper, writing only selectively about local politicians and allowing severe bias in their editorial choices. It is not a paper of record. It is a daily opinion magazine devoted to a small population of SLO progressives.

The Tribune initially reported the suspect as “an opponent of Supervisor Adam Hill”.

Kudos and thanks to Officer Day for his dedication to the citizens of Arroyo Grande.

We are fortunate to have you protecting and serving us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Officer Shane Day, you have done your department and town proud.

Well done sir.

Rob an elderly person? How low can you go?

Where to the orders come from that tell police not to reveal the name of a criminal that has been shot and even transported to a local hospital? State or Feds? Maybe it they were allowed to tell us “Who” you wouldn’t have all this speculating by some members of the press.

Good job Officer Day.

Quite an indictment of the Fibune’s news reliability. Isn’t this the same paper that refuses to print the names of stoner kids who kill people with their cars? Quite a double standard when the “suspect” is a down and outer.

One more reason to cancel that subscription and donate to CCN.