Six-foot Buddha statue stolen from convicted Lompoc psychics

August 26, 2016

Buddha Statue

A thief snatched a 6-foot-tall Buddha statue from a Lompoc property where a pair of self-proclaimed psychics had operated their business. The psychics recently pleaded guilty to scamming two women out of $244,800, and they had to agreed to sell the Buddha statue as part of a restitution deal.

The Lompoc Police Department is now asking the public for help in locating and recovering the stolen statue. The statue, which is approximately 3 feet wide, was stolen from a property located at 1005 East Ocean Avenue. Gina Lucyfenia Lee and Anthony Lee Davis used to operate Life Coach Psychic at the location.

Lee and Davis convinced the two women they scammed that their money was possessed by evil spirits. The victims gave the money to the self-proclaimed psychics for a cleansing, with the understanding it would be returned.

As of the end of April, Lee and Davis had a balance of $93,300 to repay the victims. Lee and Davis were facing jail time if they did not repay the money.

Investigators request that anyone who has information about where the statue can be found or knows who is responsible for taking it contact the police department at 736-2341. Lompoc police also say they are accepting anonymous tips.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Gina Lee

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Lompton. Gotta love it.

Epic headline, by the way.

The statue looks like that of a woman or child. I want a typically clownish Buddha with a big, fat round belly and a goofy grin, so I didn’t steal it.

L and

O f

M any

P eople

O n

C rack

It’s such a pity Miss Cleo, the 90’s telephone psychic, just died. We could have found out who committed this theft for just $1.99 a minute!

There’s justice.

The thieves themselves get ripped off.

Buddha is smiling.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


The other takeaway is that two people had an extra hundred twenty thousand dollars to give to a “psychic”, and were actually dumb enough to do so. I’m thinking maybe they didn’t earn that $100K working.

I’m sure Gina and Lee have NO IDEA who took it!